Life Lessons of Mom

CNN/ Newswire | 5/4/2023, 10:32 a.m.
A mother’s job is to shape you into the best version of yourself. She inspires you to reach for the ...

A mother’s job is to shape you into the best version of yourself. She inspires you to reach for the stars while also giving you lessons on what to look out for along your journey. With a gentle hand, she teaches you right from wrong and gives you wisdom that will sustain you throughout life. As Moth- er’s Day approaches, the Houston Style Magazine staff thought about the words of their mother that still ring in their ears today and that continue to mold and shape them while they are on the way.

My Mama, Beverly J. Maddox, always told me to stay in my lane. If I stay in my lane and on the course God has for me, I will excel in life. I veer off course when I look at what others are doing in their lane and try to compare or imitate. We are each given a set of gifts and talents to use in our lanes. What is for one person may not be for me, and that is ok. I just need to focus, control my actions, and stay in my lane to stay on course. I repeat those often to myself and to those I mentor.

-Jo-Carolyn Goode, Managing Editor

My mother's piece of advice has always been, "Do your best and leave the rest to God." At first, I didn't fully understand the significance of this advice. But as I went through my days at work, I began to realize that it was a reminder to focus on what was in my control rather than worrying about things beyond my influence. I started to put all of my effort into my work, striv- ing to do the best I could on every task without worrying about the outcome. Whenever I’ve encountered a setback or a challenge, I always remember my mother's advice and remind myself to do my best and let the rest unfold as it may.

-Reginald Dominique, Video and Social Media Editor

My mom, Zelda Williams, would always tell me, ‘Son, practice makes perfect.' In life, I know I won't get most of what I'm aiming for on the first try, so in order for me to manifest whatever goal or dream I have, I must put in the work daily until I master it. Then the end result of all of the practice is a mastery that you obtain, and within that mastery is a level of confidence in you that assures not only you but who- ever you come into contact with that you definitely have supreme knowledge and understanding of the topic you're talking about. I used that same principle when I decided to open up my own business, and after 5 years, my business is still doing great because of God and that advice my mom gave me all throughout my childhood. She's the reason I work for myself. It's because of her and my aunts’ teaching that I always bet on myself.

-Kermit Williams, Webmaster

My late mother, Rosalind Barefield-Rice, used to tell me all the time to keep working and never let setbacks stop you from living out your dreams. That helps me on the days when I feel underappreciated. When I want to be down on myself, I hear those words, and it makes me work harder.

-Brian Barefield, Sports Editor

The best advice from my mom was that I could be anything that I wanted to be and use my imagination. Using my imagination has put me in some of the most amazing places and allowed me to build a thriving career as a food writer. Her advice equipped me for this magical, creative life that I am so lucky to live, and it's all because, from an early age, I was encouraged to use my imagination.

-Alex Jack, Culinary Writer

The best advice I have ever gotten from my mom is to always be kind. She has taught me that no matter what happens in life, it does not have to affect what is going on inside of me. It has helped me to always give out kindness freely and to always be the light. Choosing kindness has allowed me to be open and accepting of others and has allowed me to be a magnet for good things in my life.

-Erynn Haskins, Feature Writer

I'll never forget my mother tell- ing me no means "not right now." I have kept this very close to my heart and believe this logic plays a huge part in the level of success I have ever experienced. The word "no" can be depressing and debilitating. Many have given up because of that word. The word "no" has always meant I needed to: A. ask someone else; B. do more research; or C. go back to the starting board. But it has never willed its power to make me give up on anything I was pursuing be- cause I never saw it as a stop sign, only a yield. I will forever be grateful to my mommy because of that. My mother gave me that lesson right before I became an extra in the Marvel movie Spider-Man with Toby McGuire.

-Bell, Totally Randie, Feature Writer

My mom told me to be alert..."be alert Burt" of those around me and of their needs. She told me to listen to others and to care about their concerns, to love our faith, our country, and our family.

-Burt Levine, Political Writer

My mom always believed in me and she even knew what my future woul dbe like realistically. The best advice she gave me was to simply graduate high school, go to college to do what I love as a career, then graduate college and become a productive citizen of society while doing what I love to do the most. She Also said to COME HOME, COME HOME, COME HOME!

-Cameron C. Lee, Layout Editor