Harris County Commissioner Lesley Briones leverages $170 million for sustainable infrastructure projects

32 projects across Precinct 4 will move forward because of Places 4 People

Style Magazine Newswire | 9/6/2023, 12:58 p.m.
Harris County Commissioner Lesley Briones today announced a $170 million dollar investment in sustainable infrastructure projects. These projects will improve …
Commissioner Lesley Briones

Harris County Commissioner Lesley Briones today announced a $170 million dollar investment in sustainable infrastructure projects. These projects will improve access to parks, alleviate flooding, close critical connectivity gaps, and increase public safety.

Through her Precinct’s Places 4 People initiative, Commissioner Lesley Briones will invest $88 million in Precinct funding and will leverage $82 million in partners’ funding, to deliver a $170 million investment into her precinct. By forging partnerships with organizations such as METRO, Houston Parks Board, Energy Corridor District, Westchase District, various MUDs, and other entities, Precinct 4 is multiplying the infusion of capital to more rapidly drive progress.

“High-quality infrastructure is critical to our quality of life and safety, and is at the heart of thriving communities,” Commissioner Briones said. “I am committed to getting more done for the people of Harris County by being proactive about collaboration. Through these strategic partnerships, we will be able to deliver more—and better—projects across Precinct 4, and this collaboration will help us build a brighter, more resilient future for our children.”

Local organizations submitted projects to be considered for funding. After a rigorous review process, Precinct 4 selected 32 projects, including:

  • Approximately 200 METRO bus shelters
  • 14 trail connection projects
  • 8 street intersection and sidewalk projects
  • 6 roadway drainage projects
  • 8 Brays Bayou under crossings
  • 3 community parks
  • 2 SPARK parks
  • 1 pedestrian promenade

With 26 of the 32 projects in areas with medium to high socioeconomic vulnerability, these investments will help improve equity in our communities.

One of the selected projects kickstart the long-awaited Buffalo Bayou Greenway Connector project, which will connect Memorial Park and Buffalo Bayou Parks. The $13.5 million investment will bridge the divide between the west and east sides of Harris County and connect two of our county’s most utilized greenspaces.

“This exciting investment from the Places 4 People Initiative will bridge essential gaps in the Bayou Greenways system and improve accessibility and community connections for thousands,” said Beth White, President and CEO of Houston Parks Board. “In partnership with the 50/50 Park Partners initiative, the neighborhood parks of Tanglewilde, Braeburn Glen, and Briarbend—which are already under construction—have been selected for enhancements based on equity metrics and physical needs. We are honored to work with Commissioner Briones to create more equitable communities in our county.”

Between October 2023 and September 2024, 11 projects will begin moving through the final design, permitting, and construction process, and are anticipated to break ground in 2024.

“We take great pride in this partnership with Harris County Precinct 4 and Commissioner Briones because the People 4 Places initiative is helping us achieve the mission of providing safe, clean, reliable, accessible and friendly public transportation for the region,” said Sanjay Ramabhadran's, Chair of METRO Board of Directors. “Commissioner Briones and her team recognize the intrinsic value of transit and understand that a commitment to building sustainable, strategic, and sensible infrastructure lays the foundation for long-term benefits.”

“Together with Commissioner Briones, The Energy Corridor District shares the vision of connecting thriving communities through strategic and sustainable mobility projects,” said Elijah J. Williams, Executive Director. “The District’s Park Row-North Dairy Ashford Multi-Modal Connectivity Project represents critical transportation improvements at intersections listed on the High Injury Network, as well as provides infrastructure to access trails, schools, transit, employment, and housing.” Williams continued, “we are proud to partner with Commissioner Briones and the Precinct 4 team to deliver a project that provides mobility solutions to benefit people across Precinct 4 and the Houston-Harris County region.”

“Places 4 People is an example of how county government can collaborate with local organizations to achieve more for our residents,” Commissioner Briones said. “By pooling our resources and expertise, we will drive dozens of innovative projects across the finish line.”

For more details on upcoming projects visit: hcp4.net/infrastructure/projects/