Houston native participates in naval exercise in the Bay of Bengal

Ashley Craig, Navy Office of Community Outreach | 4/2/2024, 1:19 p.m.
Seaman Adam Sindhu, a native of Houston, recently participated in Exercise MILAN 2024 while serving the U.S. Navy aboard USS …
Seaman Adam Sindhu (right) poses with a sailor from a foreign navy during Exercise MILAN 2024. (U.S. Navy photo)

Seaman Adam Sindhu, a native of Houston, recently participated in Exercise MILAN 2024 while serving the U.S. Navy aboard USS Halsey in the Bay of Bengal. 

Sindhu graduated from Ridge Point High School in 2021.

The skills and values needed to succeed in the Navy are similar to those found in Houston.

“Growing up, my dad always used to say, ‘When you start something, always finish it,’” said Sindhu.

Sindhu joined the Navy nearly two years ago. Today, Sindhu serves as a gunner’s mate.

“I wasn’t going in the right path and needed something to make me stand on my feet, so I joined the Navy,” said Sindhu. “I joined because I needed a stepping stone to be able to provide for me, my wife and my future family.”

Halsey, a guided-missile destroyer, joined ships, aircraft and military forces from India and other nations for the exercise in February. MILAN, which means “meeting” in Hindi, saw its highest participation this year with more than 50 countries taking part, according to Navy officials. This is the second time U.S. forces have participated in the exercise led by the Indian Navy.

MILAN 2024 focused on strengthening military ties to contribute toward a free, open and resilient Indo-Pacific, Navy officials said. The exercise included a phase at sea where ships focused on high-end tactical training, maneuvering drills, air-defense exercises, submarine familiarization, multinational replenishment-at-sea, communications drills, gunnery exercises and joint warfighting scenarios.

“Taking part in MILAN gave me the chance to be able to meet and learn from sailors with different countries’ navies,” said Sindhu.

With 90% of global commerce traveling by sea and access to the internet relying on the security of undersea fiber optic cables, Navy officials continue to emphasize that the prosperity of the United States is directly linked to recruiting and retaining talented people from across the rich fabric of America.

Sindhu serves a Navy that operates far forward, around the world and around the clock, promoting the nation’s prosperity and security.

“We will earn and reinforce the trust and confidence of the American people every day,” said Adm. Lisa Franchetti, chief of naval operations. “Together we will deliver the Navy the nation needs.”

Sindhu can take pride in serving America through military service.

“Serving in the Navy means providing for my family and becoming the best version of myself,” said Sindhu.

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