Indulge in Romance: Comfort Foodies Unveils the Irresistible Lover’s Island Margarita for Valentine’s Day

Francis Page Jr. | 2/8/2024, 9:33 a.m.
Comfort Foodies, a culinary oasis where Southern Soul meets Caribbean flair, is set to steal hearts this Valentine's Day with …
Comfort Foodies’ new Lover’s Island Margarita, a sweet, tangy, strawberry-guava sipper, is made for love and is available throughout February, in honor of the most romantic month of the year./Photo: Comfort Foodies

Comfort Foodies, a culinary oasis where Southern Soul meets Caribbean flair, is set to steal hearts this Valentine's Day with the enchanting debut of their newest libation, the "Lover's Island Margarita."

Nestled at 8128 North Sam Houston Pkwy W, Ste B, Comfort Foodies invites patrons to embark on a romantic journey throughout February, savoring every sip of the tantalizing Lover's Island Margarita. Crafted with a harmonious blend of tropical guava, luscious strawberry, triple sec, lime, and premium Jose Cuervo Tequila, this Strawberry Guava Margarita promises a symphony of flavors that will ignite the senses. Served on the rocks with a tangy sugar rim and adorned with a fresh strawberry garnish, it's the perfect potion to set hearts aflutter.

Owners Elsa and Jeff Matthews, the visionary couple behind Comfort Foodies, have been enchanting Houstonians since 2020 with their culinary prowess and heartfelt hospitality. Elsa, a proud Afro-Latina from the Dominican Republic, and Jeff, a native Houstonian with a passion for Southern cuisine, infuse their diverse backgrounds into every dish, creating a culinary tapestry that celebrates love, family, and cultural heritage.

At Comfort Foodies, guests are not merely diners; they are welcomed into a warm embrace of flavors and fellowship. In addition to the tantalizing Lover’s Island Margarita, the restaurant boasts an impressive array of specialty cocktails, Mimosas, and frozen Margaritas. From savory Empanadas to soulful Oxtails, Smothered Porkchops to Pollo Guisado (Dominican Style Brown Stew Chicken), the menu is a celebration of Latin Caribbean and Southern Soul cuisine, punctuated by vibrant sides, specialty dishes, and decadent desserts.

Beyond serving delectable fare, Comfort Foodies is a hub of hospitality, catering to special occasions with bespoke offerings for holiday gatherings, corporate events, showers, and more.

Indulge in the romance of Valentine's Day and treat yourself to the seductive allure of the Lover's Island Margarita at Comfort Foodies this month. The restaurant welcomes guests Tuesday–Thursday from 11am-8pm, and Friday–Sunday from 11am-9pm.

For more information and to tantalize your taste buds, visit Comfort Foodies' official website. Surrender to love and culinary bliss at Comfort Foodies, where every moment is infused with flavor and passion.