Elizabeth Gonzalez Brock: A Historic Appointment as METRO Chair Reflects Houston's Diversity and Drive for Excellence

Francis Page Jr. | 2/13/2024, 4:12 p.m.
In a landmark move for diversity and expertise in public service, Mayor John Whitmire has nominated Elizabeth Gonzalez Brock to …

In a landmark move for diversity and expertise in public service, Mayor John Whitmire has nominated Elizabeth Gonzalez Brock to head the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, known as Houston METRO. Upon approval, Gonzalez Brock will be celebrated as the first Hispanic woman steering the helm of Texas's most expansive transit authority. With a sweeping service domain of over 1,300 square miles and a robust budget of $1.6 billion, this appointment marks a significant milestone for the city's commitment to inclusive leadership.

"Elizabeth's appointment symbolizes Houston's progressiveness and dedication to a 'customer-centric' approach in our public transportation system," Mayor Whitmire asserts. "Her visionary leadership is aligned with our city's core values of safety, reliability, and fiscal accountability in our mobility solutions. Elizabeth's impressive track record promises a transformative era for METRO, making it a paragon of user-oriented service and financial stewardship."

As the Vice President at CenterPoint Energy, Gonzalez Brock's strategic input has been pivotal in capital planning and policy formulation. Her extensive experience spans across vital roles that shaped customer service, business growth, and local initiatives across six states. With a strong focus on energy efficiency, innovative technology, and resilient infrastructure, she has been at the forefront of driving change. An alumna of the University of Houston, Gonzalez Brock's academic and professional journey is a testament to her commitment to public service and excellence.

Embracing this new challenge, Gonzalez Brock remarks, "It's an honor to be recognized as the first Hispanic woman to chair METRO's board. This decision by Mayor Whitmire is a powerful affirmation of his dedication to diverse and adept governance. I am eager to collaborate with the board and various government sectors to propel METRO into a future where transparency, accountability, and top-tier service are the norm."

Gonzalez Brock's portfolio of leadership is extensive, including impactful roles at Houston First Corporation, Evolve Houston, the Greater Houston Area Women's Chamber, and the Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas. Her expertise and vision for Houston's transit authority come at a pivotal time as she succeeds Sanjay Ramabhadran.

Mayor Whitmire extends gratitude to Ramabhadran for his tenure and contributions, as Houston METRO turns a new page with Gonzalez Brock's anticipated leadership. Her story is not just one of personal achievement but a beacon of Houston's ethos - where diversity, expertise, and commitment to public service pave the way for a thriving community.

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