Celebrating Dr. King's Dream and African American Heritage: Antioch's Pivotal MLK Events Redefine Community Engagement with ‘The Myth of Absence’ Discussion

Francis Page Jr. | 1/3/2024, 2:26 p.m.
As the vibrant heart of Houston's historic Freedmen's Town, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church (AMBC) proudly ushers in an inspiring MLK …

As the vibrant heart of Houston's historic Freedmen's Town, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church (AMBC) proudly ushers in an inspiring MLK Weekend. The esteemed 28th Annual MLK Oratory Competition, held in partnership with Foley & Lardner LLP, is scheduled for Friday, January 12th, 2024, from 10:00 a.m. The weekend's crescendo will be a thought-provoking panel discussion, "The Myth of Absence," featuring luminaries such as Bernard and Shirley Kinsey of the Kinsey Collection, and Pastor Lou McElroy, on Monday, January 15th, 2024, from 5:30pm.

Spotlight on Oratory Excellence: A cornerstone of Houston's MLK celebrations, the oratory competition invites HISD fourth and fifth graders to embrace Dr. King’s ideals through original speeches. This year’s probing question, "What would Dr. King reflect on 60 years since his 'I Have a Dream' speech?", is set to evoke profound reflections on progress and hope, resonating with Dr. King's timeless influence. As these young orators ascend the stage at Antioch, they continue the legacy of eloquence and courage that Dr. King epitomized.

Unveiling Historical Truths: The Kinsey Collection and 'The Myth of Absence': The Kinseys, renowned for their extensive collection spotlighting African American achievements, join forces with AMBC's visionary leader, Pastor McElroy, to confront "The Myth of Absence" the historical oversight of African American contributions. This dynamic panel, with Khambrel Marshall at the helm, promises to offer a transformative perspective on the African American role in shaping industries, arts, sciences, and politics in America.

Antioch's Enduring Legacy: Established by emancipated individuals in 1866, AMBC stands as a testament to African American resilience and ingenuity. As the first African American-owned brick structure in Houston, the church's architecture and the original pews, handcrafted by freed slaves, echo the narratives that the "Myth of Absence" panel seeks to amplify. From hosting the Baptist Academy to paving the way for Texas Southern University, Antioch has been instrumental in fostering education and entrepreneurship in the African American community.

Join Us in Honoring Heritage and Hope: AMBC is not just a landmark in Houston's skyline; it is a living legacy, an epicenter for community advancement under the guidance of Senior Pastor Lou McElroy. We invite you to witness the oratory prowess of Houston's youth and engage in the critical discourse of "The Myth of Absence." Mark your calendars for the oratory competition on January 12th and the panel discussion on January 15th. Both events promise to be a tribute to Dr. King's vision and the indomitable spirit of the African American journey.

For additional information, and to become part of this historical celebration, reach out to businessoffice@ambchouston.org.