Houston PetSet and L3 Design Team Up to Protect Pets in Cold Weather

Lisa Valadez | 1/12/2024, 10:30 a.m. | Updated on 1/12/2024, 10:33 a.m.
Houston PetSet and L3 Design collaborate to address the homeless animal crisis, providing 50 custom-built dog houses to BARC Animal …
Photo by Sasha Sashina on Unsplash

In a collaborative effort to address Houston's homeless animal crisis, local nonprofit Houston PetSet has partnered with L3 Design Landscaping & Outdoor Living, to deliver 50 custom-built dog houses to BARC Animal Enforcement in anticipation of an upcoming hard freeze.

Recognizing the vulnerability of pets left outdoors during extreme weather, Houston PetSet and L3 Design have worked closely with BARC's leadership to respond to reports of animals enduring harsh conditions. This initiative aligns with the Safe Outdoor Dogs Act enacted in 2022, aiming to ensure pets have proper shelter in severe weather.

Constructed by L3 Design, Houston PetSet's exclusive landscaping and outdoor living partner, utilizing lumber generously donated by Gabriel Home Builders, these dog houses are designed to empower pet owners to responsibly care for their animals during cold or inclement weather. BARC animal enforcement officers will distribute these shelters based on community calls for assistance.

As a gentle reminder, Houston PetSet advises the public to use straw for insulation in dog and cat houses instead of blankets, as fabric can trap moisture and exacerbate the cold for pets. Additionally, ensuring access to food and unfrozen clean water is crucial for pets staying outdoors. Whenever possible, consider bringing pets inside during freezing temperatures, as forecasted.

Let's join hands to safeguard the well-being of our beloved furry companions.