Heartland Institute to Host the America First Energy Conference Nov. 9 in Houston, Texas

The Heartland Institute – known globally for hosting 12 International Conferences on Climate Change since 2008 – has put together the America First Energy Conference to examine the scientific, economic, and political foundations of President Trump’s America First Energy Plan.

SBA Disaster News - One Month Left to Apply for SBA Disaster Loans

Director Tanya N. Garfield of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Disaster Field Operations Center-West today reminded Texas private nonprofit organizations of the Nov. 3, 2017, deadline to apply for an SBA federal disaster loan for property damage caused by Hurricane ...

Texas Grants First Drilling Permit to Mexican Oil Company

For the first time ever, Texas authorities have issued a drilling permit to a Mexican company for gas and oil extraction in the state.

Texas Is No. 1 Destination In America: U-Haul

Texas is the fastest growing state in population; adding more than 430,000 people between 2015 and 2016.

Whataburger — a Texas Staple — Accused of Whites-Only Hiring in Florida

A former manager for an out-of-state Whataburger restaurant believes she was forced to quit because she wouldn’t follow through with directions from higher-ups to only hire white workers. Now the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has jumped into the case, filing ...

Macy's Supports Glam4Good Event For Women & Families Devastated By Hurricane Harvey

Macy’s supported women devastated by Hurricane Harvey this past weekend at the Glam4Good event.

Forbes Taps Diddy and Russell Simmons for ‘World’s 100 Greatest Living Business Minds’ List

In honor of the Centennial anniversary of Forbes, we spent 18 months photographing and collecting wisdom from the world's 100 greatest living business minds.

Why Hacks Like Equifax Will Keep Happening

If it feels like 2017 is a banner year for cyberattacks, that's because it is. And the hits will keep coming.

Walmart Wants to Walk In and Stock Your Fridge When You're Not Home

Walmart is testing the idea of allowing a stranger in your house for the sake of convenience with a new service that lets a delivery person walk into your home when you're not there to drop off packages or put ...

Gatorade Punished for Dissing Water in Video Game

The Gatorade Company will no longer be able to make disparaging comments about water, according to a settlement announced Thursday by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

'They still make that?': Six jobs You (wrongly) Thought Were Extinct

Your deadline looms. The cursor blinks. "Wonder what's happening on Twitter?" A precious half hour later, you're back to the assignment and really laser-focused now, until ... PING! You chase a pop-up alert right into Instagram quicksand.

Fumble! Nike's U.S. Sales Drop Again

Nike is a big hit in China. But the sneaker giant's sales in the U.S. continue to tumble.

World's Second Biggest Diamond Sells for $53 Million

The world's second-biggest diamond has finally found a buyer. After failing to sell at a Sotheby's auction last year, the 1,109-carat uncut stone has now fetched $53 million in a private sale to luxury jeweler Graff Diamonds.

Equifax CEO Richard Smith Is Out

Equifax CEO Richard Smith is out after the company's embarrassing data breach and botched response.

JPMorgan Devotes $10 Million to Fight Poverty in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is home to some of America's most powerful people and institutions. And yet nearly one-fifth of the District's population is living in poverty.