Need student loans? FAFSA now has an app

Americans will finally be able to apply for federal financial aid on their phones.

Apple profit soars; Tariff threats; Tesla earnings

Apple profits: Apple sold essentially the same number of iPhones last quarter as it did a year prior, but sales and profits soared as it made more money from higher-priced devices

Someone bought $1 million in Toys 'R' Us toys right before stores went out of business

An anonymous shopper gave Toys 'R' Us a parting gift just before its stores around the country prepared to close their doors for the last time.

Wells Fargo and American Express Introduce New Propel Card with Triple Points and $0 Annual Fee

Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) today announced a newly enhanced Propel® Card, one of the richest no-annual-fee rewards cards in the industry that offers some of the most inclusive reward categories among leading credit cards, with a $0 annual ...

7 Steps to Thriving Financially as a New Graduate

Leaving college and entering the "real world" can bring about a mixture of excitement and anxiety. I remember feeling as if the possibilities were endless, but also feeling uncertainty about where or how to start the next phase of my ...

Why American oil can keep booming despite crazy swings

Head-spinning price swings have returned with a vengeance to the oil market. A few words from Saudi Arabia about OPEC and Russia pumping more sent crude crashing 8% in the span of just a few days. The dramatic sell-off wiped ...

Harvard Business School Senior Lecturer Paula A. Price to Join Macy’s, Inc. as Chief Financial Officer

According to, Macy’s, Inc. (NYSE:M) recently announced that Paula A. Price will be appointed the national department store’s Chief Financial Officer, effective July 9, 2018.

How should I invest my nest egg for maximum retirement Income?

I'm in my mid 60s and have about $1.2 million I would like to invest for the maximum income possible for the rest of my life. I don't care for stocks or bonds because I hate the idea of seeing ...

How Richard Branson went from high-school dropout to billionaire entrepreneur

As a teenager, Richard Branson never imagined he'd be where he is today. "I was seen as the dumbest person at school," the founder and CEO of Virgin Group told CNNMoney. "The idea that I could be successful didn't dawn ...

Women could add $4.5 trillion to Asian economies

Hiring more women could supercharge Asia's economies. A report published Tuesday by McKinsey Global Institute estimates that economies in the Asia-Pacific region could boost their collective GDP by $4.5 trillion by 2025 if they improve gender equality.

What You Need to Know When Choosing a Financial Advisor

Financial Advisors are like tour guides: It’s their job to pinpoint where you want to go and help you get from point A to point B. Whether your destination is retirement, a college education, or your dream home, they can ...

Why Consider Investing?

Investing early on is a forward-thinking way to potentially grow your money and meet your financial goals. Consider these three ways your money can work for you:

Five Retirement Mistakes to Avoid

Retirement may seem a long way off and far removed from your day-to-day concerns. And yet, this is actually the best time to start planning and saving — that is, when you still have time to accumulate the money you’ll ...

Houston Money Week 2018 Kicks Off April 14-22, 2018

Houstonians will have the opportunity to gain a financial education with tools to help them save money, grow their money, improve their credit score, prepare for retirement and more during Houston Money Week kicking off April 14-22, 2018. The city’s ...

Budget to Reduce Your Debt

Managing your money can seem like a daunting task when trying to weigh out what must get paid versus buying things that you just want. The later is the troublemaker. All those incidental expenses for desires that you think you ...