Front Porch Society Cast Party

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Photography by Vicky Pink - The Ensemble Theatre had a successful run of the world premiere of The Front Porch Society, by Melda Beaty, and directed by Eileen J. Morris. Beaty says this story formed in her mind when human remains were found exhumed in a cemetery near her home a year after the 2008 election of President Obama. The production is set on November 4, 2008, in Marks, Mississippi, and America is on the eve of electing its first Black president. But what does that mean to 4 elderly women in this rural town, especially Carrie Honey, the town’s “overseer,” as she grieves the anniversary of her son’s tragic death amidst the town’s excitement over Barack Obama. The cast celebrated their run of the production with a cast party. Guests enjoyed Furniture Art in Motion featuring Dannette’s Life Imitates Art Life Project. Some in attendance were Michele Harrell, Gwen Harris, Tamara Siler, Rachel Hemphill Dickson, Dannette McElory-Davis, Jason Carmichael, and Kendrick ”KAYB” Brown.