McWilliams’ Breast Cancer Luncheon

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Location – 51 Fifteen Cuisine and Cocktails at Saks Fifth Avenue - Photography by Vicky Pink - In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Shawntell L. McWilliams’s 5th Year Cancerversary, she hosted an intimate Breast Cancer Luncheon for eight survivors who have been inspirational to her during her breast cancer journey. The ladies shared their breast cancer journeys, cried, laughed, and prayed. The luncheon also featured a Fall Trends Fashion Presentation presented by Albert Rubio, Fifth Avenue Club Director. Saks Fifth Avenue underwrote the luncheon. Some in attendance were Karen Jackson, Beverly Dancer, Jan Hargrave, Suzan Deison, Julissa Duran, Jennie Bennett, Judy McConnell, Liz Bailey, Michelle Jewett, and Merele Yarborough.