The Living Room Session with Author Crystal Hadnott

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Photography by Vicky Pink - Known in many areas, Crystal Hadnott is probably best recognized for her passion for running that evolves to her love of health. Now in her debut book, The Finish Line was Just the Start: A Marathon Runner's Memoir of Relentlessness, Resilience & Renewal, she chronicles her life as a marathon runner in full transparency of how she got there, what she encountered along the way and who she became in the process. She recently hosted “The Living Room Session with Author Crystal Hadnott,” a reading and discussion of the book in an intimate session that also allowed attendees to pre-order a signed copy of the memoir. Some in attendance were Julie Griffith, Shawntell McWilliams, Terry Thomas, Lynn Kelly, Misha Nicohi, Sh’Nay Ballard, Mimi Irvin, Bridgett Joe, and Eliza Boquin.