Kashmere High School Reunion C/O 1983

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Photography by Amir Pink - The Kashmere High School Class of 1983 drifted on a memory at their 35th high school reunion. Houston Style’s own Vicky Pink, along with Timothy Melvin, Vaugh Moore, James Prince, and Johnna Wilson-Broussard were recognized as honorees at the formal reunion program. After a great meal, classmates mixed and mingle and danced the night away. Some in attendance included Nedrah Santee-Green, Mark Harrison, Don Rayford, Rodney Holcombe, Elisa Steptoe-Jones, Sharon Kennedy, Tresa Beverly-Prince, Betty Gilford, Karen Gobert-Ransom, Marietta Davis-Williams, Linda Lazenby, Patrick Johnson, Ranessa Robertson, Barry Taylor, Hermenna Coleman, Darrell Carmouche, Arlan Potts, Narie Drayton-Wilson, Lisa Robinson, and Edward Henry.