NARS National Lipstick Day

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Photography by Vicky Pink - Liza Bailey and Perfect Connection invited women for a girlfriends lipstick happy hour on National Lipstick Day featuring NARS exclusive lipstick launch. Women were able to see the new line and find their signature color. One lucky lady walked away with NARS luxury swag bag. The event helped to benefit autism awareness as well. Some in attendance were Shawntell McWilliams, Courtney Busby, Robyn Jones, Erica Milson, Darrell Belton, Angela Brook, Dejaih Smith, Teresa Adigun, Saffire Cherry, Courtney Reynolds-Pruitt, Varenda Williams, Christina Moore, Paul Lawrence, Angela Lee, Allure Anoma, Sharon Johnson-Garner, Stephanie Monarch, Michelle Lawrence, Arnakeia White, QianaJoi James, Kasonya Hardeman, Charlene Lawson, Javania White, and Jai Stewart-Combest.