She's Happy Hair Breast Cancer Awareness Brunch

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Photography by Vicky Pink - She’s Happy Hair and The She’s Happy Foundation have taken a vow to stand behind the individuals that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. To show their commitment they hosted the 2019 She’s Happy Foundation Breast Cancer Brunch. It was a celebration of love, life & hope emceed by breast cancer survivor and Majic 102’s Kandi Eastman. Warren Broadnax honored seven breast cancer survivors including Jordan Sanders Latham, Geneva Taylor, Billye Moutra, Erika Harris, Sylvia Diamon, and Kathy Gabriel. Jonita Reynolds also joined in the celebration that included a bird release and tribute to lives loss to breast cancer. Others in attendance were Rose Broadnax, B Angel Broadnax, Anita Bates, Tina Goss, and Hermoine Gallow.