It's TEA Time, Lady & Girl leadHERs

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Photography by Vicky Pink - Over 100 girls, their mothers, teachers, and others from across Houston came together for the It's TEA Time, Lady & Girl leadHERs hosted by the SUPERGirls SHINE Foundation. The gathering was a chance for the SUPERgirls with their SUPERLadies to learn about oil & gas, community development, technology, environmental services, education, and business. With keynote speaker, Tiera Fletcher, the youngest Rocket Structural Design & Analysis Engineer, girls saw what leadership looked like, how to overcome challenges in male-dominated careers and what skills they could develop now to lead in STEM courses, careers, and communities. Also, attendees had a lesson on the African Diaspora and experience a Japanese tea ceremony. Some in attendance were Loretta Gurnell, Cassandra Dodson, Bridget See, Karla Aghedo, and Paula McCann Harris.