Susie Stillwell

Entertainment Writer

Susie Stillwell, a native Californian. Number 3 in the chain of 5 siblings, Susie Stillwell was educated at Booker. T. Washington High school, Houston, Texas, after which she relocated back to California and completed her education at Los Angeles City College and University of Southern California, majoring in Music and minor Journalism, Radio TV, Marketing and advertising.

She took on radio with all the drive required to succeed. Susie worked in Radio in California at KUTE, KDAY, KTNQ and KFWB. She returned once again to Houston to become the Music director at KYOK radio and she also worked at KCOH Radio Houston.

She then returned to Los Angeles to make a career change, to Movies, TV and Commercial work. A Screen Actor's Guild member Susie has worked such shows as Fresh Prince of Bellaire and NYPD Blue to Night Court and Star Trek, she has appeared in many TV shows and movies.

Susie as a singer has performed the world over with her CD entitled NeferNefertiti. Queen found? Written, produced, directed and recorded in Los Angeles by Susie Stillwell Platinum EFX Records and Song Pen Music. Her CD takes a new twist on Old School sounds, Hip Hop beats and Egyptian melodies.

Once again, Susie Stillwell returns to Houston to perform concert series. Houston based operations, performing cover music on her own stages Orion Stages, Spring Branch Texas.

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The Quiet Romance of Nebraska

Like most, I thought Nebraska was corn fed, mid-American farmland. That was until I took a tour of the state and several other small communities surrounding the State Capitol, Nebraska City to discover the beauty within the state. My journey through the Midwestern state took me to the cities of Omaha, Nebraska City, Brownville, Nebraska and a few other places in between. With trees that seem to touch the sky and scenic views that go on for miles, I grew a greater appreciation of nature and fell in love with Nebraska.

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City of Houston and Mayor Sylvester Turner Turned the Lives of Houstonians Around with New Resource Fair

Mayor Sylvester Turner wants to put Houstonians back to work. He is starting with citizens who having the most difficult time finding work. This sector of people may have been dealt some bad hands but they shouldn’t be counted out. The new program, Turnaround Houston, was kicked off this week just to embrace their needs to get them employed and get their lives turned back around.

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The Oscars Controversy and Truths

While on the set of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air shooting the episode when Jazzy Jeff gets married, I am a witness as I played one of the bridesmaids in the wedding. Others and I are witnesses to Janet Hubert (the first Aunt Viv) saying and I quote, “Who is this young ghetto kid starring? This Will Smith.

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Rocking It with Chris Rock

Chris Rock Divorce Getting Ugly, Shocking Claims about wife and daughter

Chris Rock has just dropped a bombshell about his soon-to-be-ex wife, Malaak Rock, and his 7 year-old-daughter‚ at least the beautiful little girl whom we thought was his daughter. Chris and Malaak are currently going through divorce proceedings after 18 years of marriage, which is like 100 years in Hollywood, and apparently the allegations and truths are coming out as they play tug-of-war over Chris’ $70 million.

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Grace Jones: Always Unapologetically Outspoken

Grace Jones Bust Kanye West

On the auspicious eve of the super blood moon, Grace Jones took to the Hollywood Bowl stage, decked in an elaborate gold skull headpiece and slathered in black-and-white body paint.

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Do Black Lives Matter in Hollywood?

It’s not easy to access photos of famous black people from centuries ago, but on top of that, many individuals who looked ethnically ambiguous during the time of segregation would not lay claim to their black roots. For these and other reasons, there are plenty of people of note throughout history—even today—who, much to the public’s surprise and sometimes their own, are part black. Here’s a list of famous people you didn’t know were black.

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The Intense Thriller Poltergeist Returns to Theaters

The remake of Toby Hooper’s 1982 horror Poltergeist is intense with thrilling 3D effects and action. In this contemporized classic horror film where a suburban home is haunted by evil, viewers are kept on the edge of their seat.

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Run All Night: A Must-See Thriller

Run All Night is a high action packed thriller filled with twist and turns. A depart from Liam Neeson’s usual Taken character, he is still thrown into a role of protection with his son played by Joel Kinnaman.

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Exhilarating Night at RodeoHouston with Time McCraw

Houston loves Tim McGraw and they showed him how much as they moved in like herds of cattle for his performance at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

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O The Scars: Breaking Down The Whitest Oscars of 2015

The Oscar nominations, the outrage is still piling up. Inspiring the loudest outcries of disapproval are the remarkably homogeneous acting nominees. Not a single acting nod went to a performer of color.

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