Mayor Turner gives his remarks on the TEA taking over HISD

Mayor Turner shares his thoughts on TEA taking over HISD. Under the current superintendent and new school board, there has been significant progress made in HISD. Forty of 50 former D or F schools are in a much better status today. “This takeover is not about the quality of education. If you look at the Texas Legislature, several bills have been filed to pre-empt the authority of the city of Houston and other local jurisdictions. HISD happens to be one of those local jurisdictions. You cannot run school districts, cities, and counties from Austin, Texas. You tell me how this benefits the kids? Instead of grading the students and the teachers, the Texas Education Agency needs to grade themselves on how they are handling this matter. I give them an F." - Mayor Turner

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Mayor Turner's Statement on TEA Takeover of the Houston Independent School District

Please attribute the following statement to Mayor Sylvester Turner. You can also listen to his additional comments made during a news conference earlier today.