Being Grateful and Thankful for Others

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 11/21/2018, 4:21 p.m.
Life without others in it is pretty pointless. The difficult nature of it requires others to bring stability, joy, and ...

Life without others in it is pretty pointless. The difficult nature of it requires others to bring stability, joy, and balance. People are the ones who offer you love, support, and share in your joys and pain. Others make life less strenuous. Notice I said gratitude and not thankfulness. Though we tend to use grateful and thankful interchangeable they are not the same. The simplest way that I have seen the changes noted is that thankfulness is an act and gratefulness is a feeling. You are only thankful if someone does an action that you benefit from in some way, whereas, you are grateful for someone regardless of an act by a person. Gratefulness necessitates a greater appreciation for an individual.

Why be grateful

Webster defines grateful as being appreciative of benefits received. It undoubtedly is the most neglected and underestimated action. November with the Thanksgiving holiday is the best to show others how you are both thankful and grateful for their presence in your life. That appreciation can be shown in different ways. I prefer to show gratitude in a very old school, tangible methods. One of my favorites is a thoughtful, handwritten note. Messages are so personal and unique to the very person that you are sending the note to. The note is so unexpected by the receiver when it comes that a warmth of love and appreciation immediately falls over the person. Reading the message just makes the sentiment even bigger for the person. Plus you get the added benefit of increased endorphins yourself when writing and sending the note.

Benefits of showing grateful

It feels good to do and good and showing gratefulness just feels good. Besides the increased endorphins, there are many other benefits. Forbes list several benefits. One advantage is more relationships. What better way to make a friend than through thankfulness? The magazine reference a study that showed how the simple act of saying “thank you” opens the door for people to start an ongoing relationship.

Secondly, being thankful is good for your health. Grateful people are generally healthier because they love and are grateful they tend to love themselves as well. That love equates to doing things to love you like exercising and going to the doctor for regular check-ups. Better health equals to a longer life.

Grateful people are happier people too. They tend not to get angry or frustrated. Positive vibes seem to surround their aura instead increased negativity. Showing gratitude increases your empathy. So you are more caring towards your fellow man.

With all of these good feeling floating about you, your sleep is more restful. The study also observed those who jotted down a few things that they grateful for right before bed have better and longer sleep. Being appreciate of others’ contributions in your life reducing stress levels, therefore, bettering your mental health.

And lastly, gratefulness improves your self-esteem. You can’t love others without loving yourself first. And when you show love, it naturally comes back to you.