Jo-Carolyn Goode

Managing Editor


Loving daughter, constant writer, pageant lover, effective manager, and community advocate are just some of the characteristics that describe Jo-Carolyn Goode. Having a solid foundation forged by her parents and faith in God has helped shape her into the pillar of the community she is today. The Houston, Texas native is a Prairie View A&M University graduate with a B.S. in the concentration of Biology with minor in Chemistry and Dance.

Beginning her professional career with Houston Style Magazine as an editorial intern, she worked her way through the ranks to become Managing Editor. Through a proven track record of excellent timely reporting and having a great worth ethic, Jo-Carolyn tells the stories of the everyday man to the hottest celebrities to the political power movers. While overseeing a talented team of writers and photographers, Jo-Carolyn produces the weekly print publication of Houston Style Magazine that is widely distributed locally, regionally, and nationally. In addition, she engages readers with stellar content through Houston Style Magazine’s online portal and social media channels.

Her communication talents move from the pages of print media to video as the producer for ‘It's National Day,’ a popular YouTube show celebrating the different national days of the world hosted by media personality TotallyRandie.

Jo-Carolyn has a passion for mentoring the minds of young girls and women and exercises this in a number of ways. In the capacity of National Assistant Director of the Miss Black America Coed Pageant Jo-Carolyn works with girls as young as five helping them to learn the ways of a queen through modeling, interviewing, and serving their respective communities. She also volunteers for the Miss Texas USA Pageant and Miss Texas Teen USA Pageant system where she works with girls as young as 14. Jo-Carolyn builds girls of confidence and character as a Girl Scout leader for one of the oldest African American troops in the Houston area. Her mentorship to these various groups of girls has allowed them to learn valuable lessons and gain skills that have translated to other areas of their lives to live and grow as successful individuals.

Always involved in her community, Jo-Carolyn has affiliations with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated - Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter as the chapter historian and sits on the Board of Directors for the Ivy Educational and Charitable Foundation of Houston, Incorporated and the Advisory Board for the Beatrice Mayes Institute.

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Stop the Spread of Hate to Honor a King

Love has many definitions. The Holy Bible describes it as patient, kind, protecting, trusting, hopeful, preserving, and without the capability of failing. Webster’s Dictionary also has several meanings of love. It is defined as something that commands admiration, passionate affection for someone, friendship, courtship, reverence to God, and gratitude. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” Love, ultimately, is powerful when people take action to utilize its energy.

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Turner Sworn In for Second Term

Sylvester Turner officially began his second term as mayor for the city of Houston when he, City Controller Chris Brown, and Houston City Council were sworn in on January 2, 2020, before a packed house at the Wortham Theater. Mayor Turner won the honor of continuing to lead Houston after defeating opponent Tony Buzbee in the run-off election.

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Chart Your Vision in 2020

Each year is an opportunity to reset your life. Start with examining the past year looking at your accomplishments with the goals you set in correlations with your failures. Asking yourself questions like “Are you happy with the progress or lack thereof that you made?” “How could you have done things differently?” “What do you need to do now?” The last question is most important because that is when the reset starts. That is when you get a new vision and start to make new goals. Once that develops in your mind it is time for them to take form visually on paper with the creation of your vision board for 2020.

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Most Stylish Houstonians of 2019

Houstonians are known throughout the world for their generosity and how they help their fellow man in a disaster. Rarely seen are the philanthropic efforts of Houstonians who just see a need and provide a solution. Those that excel professionally while still giving back in extraordinary ways are who we call most stylish.

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The Year of the Minority Woman

In this era where women are more self-assured, self-aware, and self-loving has resulted in women claiming their place in history. The script of women not having their voice heard has been rewritten with women leading the conversation instead of taking notes from it. Being a part of the discussion has allowed women to change the dialogue, change the world’s view of gender and change the space in which women find themselves. 2019 was a great year for the advancement of women in various areas. Houston Style Magazine takes a look at some of the women that made 2019 the Year of the Minority Woman. What a year for women!

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Her Royal Highness: 2019 Minority Homecoming Queens

Queen, as defined, is one who is the ruler of an independent state. Put that in perspective of a high school queen and she can be seen as the ruler of her school with the influence to change it for the bad or good so why not inject some good. As Houston Style Magazine spotlights some of this year’s African American and Hispanic Houston ISD high school homecoming queens we go behind the crown to learn how they have used their platform to reign supreme as her royal highness.

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The Changing Definition of Beauty

Pulling the naps out of our hair with a comb that is blazing at 149 degrees Fahrenheit. Starving ourselves, going under the knife, duck taping our body parts just to minimize the size of our breasts, butt, and hips so we could be looked at as the perfect sized woman as defined by America culture. Looking in the mirror trying to find the beauty in the face staring back when we have been brainwashed to think that beauty is everything but what we see reflected in the mirror. This is just some of what little Black girls go through growing up that results in low self-confidence and a lack of self-love.

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Visit Houston: Give Your Family Something to Talk About

After some hugs, a few laughs, and a good meal visiting family can get restless. A survey conducted by Motel 6 showed that the average American can tolerate their family for only 4 hours; with 75% saying that after 4 hours (3 hours and 54 minutes to be exact), they need a break from their families. Instead of lounging around waiting on them to return to their respective homes, distract them with the beauty of Houston. As residents of the fourth largest city in the South, we can sometimes take for granted all the gems our city has to offer and some of us may not even know everything in our backyard because we stay confined in our own little bubble. Use this holiday season to discover or reconnect to your city, all while giving you’re visiting family something to go home and talk about.

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Adoption: Expand Your Family This Holiday

Three to four million children are born in the United States each year. Of that number approximately 7,000 plus are abandoned. Having no family to love them or a place stay they grow up in the foster care system. On average a child stays in the system 2 to 5 years and some longer than that. Feelings of not being wanted and what is wrong with them cloud their judgment and damage their self-esteem. Foster parents can change that outlook for children with the basics of love, shelter, and food and expand their family this holiday season.

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Chevrolet Blazer: The Personality Equalizer

Selecting a team to be suit your personality is half the battle in any fight. Team luxury is always dressed like they are stepping off the runway heading somewhere exotic. Team Laid-back is carefree wearing whatever is comfortable taking life as it comes. A vehicle that can meet the needs of Team Luxury and Team Laid-back has a lot of versatility to address the needs of multiple personalities. The new Chevrolet Blazer is the personality equalizer.

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