Jo-Carolyn Goode

Managing Editor


Loving daughter, constant writer, pageant lover, effective manager, and community advocate are just some of the characteristics that describe Jo-Carolyn Goode. Having a solid foundation forged by her parents and faith in God has helped shape her into the pillar of the community she is today. The Houston, Texas native is a Prairie View A&M University graduate with a B.S. in the concentration of Biology with minor in Chemistry and Dance.

Beginning her professional career with Houston Style Magazine as an editorial intern, she worked her way through the ranks to become Managing Editor. Through a proven track record of excellent timely reporting and having a great worth ethic, Jo-Carolyn tells the stories of the everyday man to the hottest celebrities to the political power movers. While overseeing a talented team of writers and photographers, Jo-Carolyn produces the weekly print publication of Houston Style Magazine that is widely distributed locally, regionally, and nationally. In addition, she engages readers with stellar content through Houston Style Magazine’s online portal and social media channels.

Her communication talents move from the pages of print media to video as the producer for ‘It's National Day,’ a popular YouTube show celebrating the different national days of the world hosted by media personality TotallyRandie.

Jo-Carolyn has a passion for mentoring the minds of young girls and women and exercises this in a number of ways. In the capacity of National Assistant Director of the Miss Black America Coed Pageant Jo-Carolyn works with girls as young as five helping them to learn the ways of a queen through modeling, interviewing, and serving their respective communities. She also volunteers for the Miss Texas USA Pageant and Miss Texas Teen USA Pageant system where she works with girls as young as 14. Jo-Carolyn builds girls of confidence and character as a Girl Scout leader for one of the oldest African American troops in the Houston area. Her mentorship to these various groups of girls has allowed them to learn valuable lessons and gain skills that have translated to other areas of their lives to live and grow as successful individuals.

Always involved in her community, Jo-Carolyn has affiliations with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated - Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter as the chapter historian and sits on the Board of Directors for the Ivy Educational and Charitable Foundation of Houston, Incorporated and the Advisory Board for the Beatrice Mayes Institute.

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Sylvester Turner: Balancing Fatherhood and Politics

Lifting her high into the heavens as if he is trying to allow God to kiss her himself I watch a father bond with his baby girl. Holding her ever so careful, he gently cradles her in his arms with a strong hold, as he dares not let her slip. Pride pours out of every point on his body as he holds the most beautiful thing he has ever laid his eyes on and thinks, “How blessed am I.”

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Efficiency and Effectiveness: Chief Art Acevedo’s Energizing First Six Months

Six months ago when Mayor Sylvester Turner announced Art Acevedo as the new head of the Houston Police Department many were scratching their heads wondering who this man was. Mayor Turner painted a vivid picture of which Acevedo was but until action is seen, well, talk in cheap. Turns out Acevedo wasn’t cheap but efficient and effective making his combining with Houston a very energizing experience.

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Summer Chilling: Staying Cool with Fitness, Fashion, and Food

Falling down your face. Stinging your eyes. Wetting up your clothes. It’s sweating season ladies and gentlemen. Scorching, summery triple digit temperatures are in our imminent future when summer officially beginning on June 20th. The heat and humidity are already getting to some of us just taking a few steps out the door. Get prepared for the pending hotter days with tips on staying cool with fitness, fashion, and food.

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Frenchy's Chicken Announces Community Partnership for Renovation and Expansion with Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church

Frenchy's Chicken announced a major community partnership with Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church today on the church's parking lot. Percy Creuzot II, son of Frenchy's Chicken owner, and Pastor Marcus D. Cosby, Senior Pastor of WABC, said that the original Frenchy's location that has been housed at the corner of Scott and Wheeler for 48 years will move two blocks down the street to Alabama and Scott to allow expansion of WABC.

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Have the Best Summer Yet

Coming are the days when the sun kisses our faces, our cares are tossed to the wind, and our calendar is filled with as much or as little activity as we want. That is the beauty of summer.

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Meet the Class of 2017: Tomorrow’s Future Leaders of America

After twelve years, 108 months, 3,240 days, are the estimated number of days students attend school before reaching the pinnacle of their educational career, high school graduation. That pivotal time has come for the class of 2017. It’s time for them to turn their tassel and take the brave steps into the next chapter of their lives. Annually, Houston Style Magazine recognizes the Houston ISD’s African American and Hispanic valedictorians to salute them on their accomplishments. Congrats Class of 2017!Meet the Class of 2017: Tomorrow’s Future Leaders of America

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An Unbreakable Bond: Sheila Jackson Lee and Erica Lee Carter

Ask any child and most can list a number of reasons why they love their mother. No matter what the reason they all center on one word, love. That love is formed from a special bond between mother and child. Mothers and daughters share a very unique emotionally connection. With such a delicate connection, I wondered how that bond is tested when you have to share your mother and the unconditional love she gives with others in a major way. What I found is that the bond is just made stronger to the point that it is unbreakable.

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African American Sorority Targeted In Racist Incident at American University

Bring first is certainly not easy. Taylor Dumpson is one who knows. What was supposed to be a wonderful time of celebration and feeling of great accomplishment was turned into something hateful and fearful.

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Pride and Culture: How One Family Lost It All and Came Back On Top

May is one of those months that has a bit more flavor to it. Call it Muy Caliente! Americans of Mexican decent everywhere proudly stick out their chest with pride in celebration of culture and heritage for Cinco de Mayo. Originally celebrated as the day that the Mexican Army overtook French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, Cinco de Mayo is now a much more spirited celebration in the United States.

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Message Received: Men Finally Going to the Doctor

Men protect and provide for others but often don’t care or show concern for themselves. Whether it is they don’t have enough time or literal distrust doctors, men, in general, are not good keepers of their health. They have to be on the brink of death before they go see the doctor.

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