The Good From COVID-19 Social Distancing

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 4/17/2020, 11:16 a.m.
No need to pinch yourself or splash cold water on your face. You are not dreaming but are living in ...

No need to pinch yourself or splash cold water on your face. You are not dreaming but are living in an altered reality. We are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic that is wreaking havoc in the world, taking millions of lives, draining the economy, and keeping us indoors. By now you are well aware of what COVID-19 is, the symptoms, and how it spreads. All the negatives are out there but how about a dose of positivity?


Those in the military, law enforcement, and firefighters are often frequently called heroes. During this outbreak, new heroes have been identified to add to that category.

Healthcare workers dispense care and heal us back to good health. But never before has their physical and mental health been so at risk. Going above and beyond the call of duty, these folks are jeopardizing everything just to take care of us despite some who are putting themselves in harm's way regardless of race, gender, age, and in some cases, lack of judgment. They continue to fulfill their oath day in and day out.

Grocery store workers are now heroes. Doing backbreaking work for extended hours. These men and women are helping to keep us feed. Even in spite of the rudeness of some, the inconsiderate who spread germs, and the volume of demand. The people that are often invisible are showing up to work with a smile and no real appreciation. Thank you grocery store employees for keeping shelves stocked as best you can and putting your own and that of your family's safety at risk.

The Family

Now to focus on the family that has been given a precious gift, time. Often parents feel guilty because they don’t have enough time to spend with their children due to work commitments and other activities. Stay Home orders have given parents the opportunity to really connect with their children. Parents can learn their children’s likes and dislikes, what they are thinking, their talents and skills, their goals and aspirations, and so much more. Children are learning their parents can be silly and have fun with them based on the influx of dance videos, cooking competitions, outings in the park, and new skills learned that are on the feeds of many social media accounts.

Spouses have gotten to reflect on why they fell in love with each other. While some have even found new reasons why they love their significant other. Couples have discovered interesting things about each other as their love continues to grow.

Families have found new ways to love and show their love for in reciprocal ways. Families will be closer in the long run because of the coronavirus.

Sharing Your Heart

Southerners are thought to be the friendliest folks as we charm others with our southern hospitality. We bend over backward for family, friends, and strangers. In times of crisis we step it up and the good is brought out in all of us. We become our brother’s/sister’s keeper. Neighbors check on each other. Friends find new ways to connect with zoom meeting link-ups, random cards in the mail, and calling instead of texting to hear the voice of others.

Across the country, people are expressing acts of kindness in creative and unique ways. Musicians are given front porch concerts. Teachers are having drive by parades for their students. Residents are opening up their pantry to share with neighbors in need. The healthy are running errands for the high at risk. This is a great time to be neighborly while be socially distance.

Appreciation of Others

Since schools are now closed, parents have found themselves in a role that they didn’t think they would have to be in, a teacher. Students have replaced their classroom desk with their home kitchen table. Parents are having to go back to refresh their knowledge on reading, writing, and arithmetic to help their young scholars while dealing with behaviors teachers convey about their children. Their children’s education is now in the palm of their hands. All of this experience has caused a flood of appreciation for America’s teachers and those in education. Where would any of us be without having a teacher in our lives educating us? So if you haven’t thanked a teacher, I surmise that you are doing that now. No longer is being a teacher a thankless job. Teachers, you are appreciated for all that you do to educate the next generation.

Let's not forget about governmental employees, city government officials, postal workers, road crews, garbage workers, and more who continue to show up to keep our city functioning as best as possible. Just imagine this pandemic without them. I shudder to think about what our reality would look like. Bless these folks with motivation and productivity to keep going and the knowledge to pull us through it all.


Be grateful for the time. Have you ever said, “There are just not enough hours in the day to do everything.” Well, now you have plenty of it. God has answered your prayers. You have been given the gift to play catch up when life was moving too fast.

Connect with your spiritual authority. Clean the house. Write a book. Launch that business. Learn a skill. Focus on your dreams. Work on yourself. You now have the time to do so. What have you done with your extra minutes? Don’t waste it. Use it productively.


When you are socially distant, technology can be your best friend. The advancement of it has aided us greatly during this time. Teachers are using it to keep their students’ minds expanding. Workers are continuing to do business because of it. Our entertainment options are endless. Families can say goodbye in some cases to dying loved ones. Celebrations like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, happy hours and other events can still be held in a new way. Information is at our fingertips in real time on a 24/7 cycle.

It may seem hard in these bleak times to find the rainbow in the clouds but hopefully, I have given you some reasons to smile. Remember you are not alone. We are all in this together.