Roger Nimmo prompts Christians to answer the question, ‘What Is the Condition of Your Heart According To The Scriptures?’

He explains the importance of a sound spiritual heart in this book

Style Magazine Newswire | 2/18/2020, 9:45 a.m.

Most Christians lack an understanding of how the condition of the spiritual heart affects every area of their lives and their relationship with God. This belief encouraged Roger Nimmo to write his first book, “What Is the Condition of Your Heart According To The Scriptures?” (published by WestBow Press).

Faith is a very important variable in believers’ relationship with God, but faith can be negated by wrong biblical believes and a fearful, deceived, troubled, doubtful and defiled heart. “We may not be aware but these issues could be minute or substantial in our spiritual heart,” says Nimmo.

In his new book, Nimmo helps readers understand how important the spiritual condition of their heart is. He also teaches them how to obtain a pure and sound spiritual heart, so that they can release the great salvation God has already given to them through Jesus. The book is filled with Scriptures to help Christians understand the grace and righteousness God has given.

Nimmo hopes that the messages in this book would radically change people’s lives. “I spent more than 10 years studying and applying biblical principles of the condition of the heart and these principles have also radically changed my life,” he says. “I want Christians to apply these principles so that they will live out the abundant life God has called everyone to live.”

“What Is the Condition of Your Heart According To The Scriptures?”

By Roger Nimmo

Hardcover | 6x9 in | 146 pages | ISBN 9781973667063

Softcover | 6x9 in | 146 pages | ISBN 9781973667070

E-Book | 146 pages | ISBN 9781973667087

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