Humming Hemp Goes Nationwide!

Company announces national distribution of protein-rich hemp heart and raw honey hummingbar™ through Kroger stores

Style Magazine Newswire | 3/26/2020, 11:35 a.m.

Hemp has been ostracized, suppressed, mistaken and wrongly accused for almost a century. Now, thanks to Humming Hemp, a progressive female-founded hemp food company from the Pacific Northwest, it’s breaking through with consumers across the nation as a delicious, versatile, protein-rich sustainable food source.

Today the company announced that hummingbar™, their new clean-label protein-energy bar, is now available in more than 1,300 grocery stores nationwide. Thanks to the growing awareness of hemp’s powerful nutrition profile combined with increased consumer and retailer demand for healthier, high-quality, functional convenience foods, Humming Hemp has experienced swift growth and widespread positive reception to their new, innovative offering in the bar category.

“We understand the global need for better, more sustainable forms of clean protein, and hemp fills that need,” said founder and CEO Hilary Kelsay. “In the beginning we were up against a challenge as the plant has been criticized, neglected and completely misunderstood for so long. But now that it is legal nationwide, we are quickly uncovering its almost miraculous nutrient and sustainability profile, and people are seeing it more for what it truly is: a sustainable superfood that surpasses all others!”

Humming Hemp was initially formed in 2017 with the mission to make hemp a family-friendly household staple and change the narrative surrounding the plant. They’ve worked quickly and smartly to do so, first developing convenient, accessible, and highly nutritious hemp food pantry staples: Raw Hemp Hearts (flavored and plain), Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Hemp Seed Oil, and Raw Hemp Protein Powder.

The company then reasoned that the fast-growing nutrition bar market offered the best opportunity to gain broad consumer awareness and appeal for hemp’s food offerings, and with smart product development and culinary expertise Humming Hemp’s hummingbar™ was born. The almost immediate nationwide distribution partnership with Kroger, the nation’s largest grocery retailer, is a testament to hemp’s changing reputation and growing popularity, as well as the company’s ability to deliver delicious and innovative consumer-ready hemp food products.

Available in five unique and delicious flavors, hummingbars are made from soft and chewy American-grown hemp hearts and sweetened with raw USA honey. The hemp is supplied by small family-run farms using sustainable and regenerative farming practices, and the plant itself is innately regenerative as it remediates and delivers nutrients back into the soil from which it grows. Hemp hearts also pack an extraordinary array of balanced and diverse macro and micronutrients, healthy Omega fatty acids, and complete plant-based protein; alongside the important distinction of containing no CBD or THC. The raw honey helps to support American beekeepers and the honeybee itself, and together the ingredients create a balance of delicious taste, creamy-yet-firm texture, Powerful Nutrition™ and important mission.

“We created Humming Hemp with the belief that hemp has the potential to bring hope back to small American farmers, as well as play a vital role in our country’s regenerative agriculture movement” said CEO Kelsay. “Our partnerships with these small farms, combined with the sustainable nature of hemp, and the importance of bees to US agriculture are all viewed as important issues very worthy of support, and it has been gratifying to work with investors, retailers, and consumers alike under this strong support structure that has allowed us to bring our products to market and grow exponentially.”

hummingbar™ is now available in 1,200+ Kroger stores, as well as Raley’s/BelAir Markets in the Sacramento/Bay Area, Ingles markets in the Carolinas and Georgia, Whole Foods stores in the Pacific Northwest, and The company will be announcing new retail partners over the course of 2020.

For more information about Humming Hemp, please visit the website.