Verda Byrd Becomes An Advocate For Transracial Adoption Through 70 Years Of Blackness

Style Magazine Newswire | 12/1/2021, 6 a.m.
After sharing her shocking story publicly, Verda Byrd, a white woman who found out she was black at the age …

On last month, Verda Byrd went Live on Facebook via @70yearsofblackness to discuss National Adoption Awareness, her upbringing and answering any questions individuals might've had. When asked, "What is the ingredients for a forever home?" Mrs. Byrd stated, "25 cups of patience, 4 tsp. of Courage, 3 lbs. of adaptability, 10 cups of tolerance, a dash of adventure, a splash of humor, now, mix the ingredients with 8 tsp. of elbow grease then leave it alone for 18 years and marinate with tears. Sprinkle every so often with money, season with international spice and bake for 20 years or until done then serve with pride."

We first introduced Verda's viral story that shocked the entire world to the site in 2019, ahead of her documentary debut across film festivals during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The highly anticipated short film 70 Years of Blackness, left a growing impression across 21 Film Festivals winning 8 awards and multiple nominations. Verda has big plans to aim towards the big screen and continue to be a pillar in the adoption community. Recently, Verda and her team established the 70 Years of Blackness Scholarship Program where she has fundraised through recycling clothing drives, free public viewings and much more. Staying committed to helping others has assisted her through the PTSD and mental acceptance she fights through daily.

Award Winning Team: Executive Director Verda Byrd & Film Director Christopher Windfield

Award Winning Team: Executive Director Verda Byrd & Film Director Christopher Windfield

Visit @70yearsofblacknessscholarship & @70yearsofblackness to learn more about Verda Byrd's projects and forthcoming events.