Avocado Crack is Bringing Flavor and Giving Back this National Avocado Day!

Style Magazine Newswire | 7/29/2022, 11:25 a.m.
National Avocado Day is just around the corner on July 31! We use avocados in so many dishes like guacamole …
Avocado Crack Owner Yolanda Plear with Chef Vicky V aka The Queen of Yum for Virtual Dinner Party

National Avocado Day is just around the corner on July 31! We use avocados in so many dishes like guacamole and salads, and the most famous dish is classic is avocado toast. Avocados don't have to just be enjoyed cold; we are exploring them in hot food like fried avocados, soups, and eggrolls. But one lady is changing the avocado game and giving this superfood LIFE!

Meet Yolanda Plear of Avocado Crack! "Deprived of creamy avocado GOODNESS growing up." in Ohio, she moved to Houston as a teen. She ventured out as a curious adult to find herself getting acquainted with avocados by her roommate. Like many others, who tried this unique fruit for the first time, her mind was blown. She embarked on a journey to enhance the avocado in a way that Everything Bagel Seasoning could never do!

Avocado Crack on Avocado

Avocado Crack on Avocado

Avocado is delicious with a bit of salt and pepper sprinkled on top, but that is just standard. Not giving much life to this well-deserved fruit. Plear took it upon herself to go into her spice cabinet, experiment, layer flavors on the avocado, and "WHOA, BABY! I was addicted!" said Plear. She started "making avocados" for her friends, family, and fellow teachers at the time, and someone asked her why she kept eating so many avocados, and her reply was, "This stuff is like CRACK! It's SO ADDICTING!" From there, Avocado Crack was born!

Avocado Crack, available in original, low, and no sodium, is a fantastic way to dress up your avocado and beyond. It is an excellent way to enhance the flavor of many things like dips, chicken salad, veggies, deviled eggs, and more. Plear has an online cookbook available at avocadocrack.com that you can purchase to tap into the endless possibilities of Avocado Crack.

Avocado Crack is only one of Plear's creations under her company, Educated Foodie LLC. Educated Foodie LLC's mission is to "combine the love for food with a love for learning." One of the main things they advocate for is "childhood hunger so that children can focus on learning instead of being hungry." They recently partnered with The People's Club and local influencer and chef Chef Vicky V, The Queen of Yum, for a "Virtual Dinner Experience for a Great Cause" benefitting Dogan Elementary in Fifth Ward. As an educator, Plear says, "I am uniquely positioned to utilize my business network and connections to fight Child Hunger head-on and give back to children in the Houston area." With the high levels of food insecurity happening across Houston, especially during the summer, this matter needs all hands on deck. Nearly one in four children in Houston/Harris county are food insecure, according to housontx.gov.

This National Avocado Day, you can celebrate not only with unique flavors but also by giving back to fight the critical cause of childhood hunger. Educated Foodie LLC./Avocado Crack will celebrate National Avocado Day by launching their Avocado Crack merch, including t-shirts, coffee mugs, and water bottles. Avocado Crack seasonings, crackers, merch, and more are available at avocadocrack.com. Follow Avocado Crack on Instagram @avocadocrack. Support this Black Woman-Owned business fighting a great cause this National Avocado Day with Avocado Crack!