Houston's Heartbeat: BARC’s "Healthy Pets, Healthy Streets" Adoption Program

Francis Page Jr. | 8/8/2023, 12:28 p.m.
Greetings, Houston Style aficionados! As we navigate the vibrant streets of Houston, taking in its rhythms, cultures, and unique Southern …
Cory Stottlemeyer, Laura Spivey and Eli Perez of BARC addresses the Crises of Stray Pets - BARC’s Healthy Pets, Healthy Streets Initative with Houston’s Ethnic Media Roundtable discussion.

Greetings, Houston Style aficionados! As we navigate the vibrant streets of Houston, taking in its rhythms, cultures, and unique Southern charm, there's a special initiative brewing that promises to add even more warmth and love to our beautiful city. Enter BARC’s "Healthy Pets, Healthy Streets" Adoption program, a beacon of hope for our furry friends and an invitation to Houstonians to make a life-changing decision.

Why Every Houstonian Should Consider BARC for Their Next Pet:

1. Houston's Own & Proud

This program isn't just any initiative; it's our initiative. BARC stands tall as Houston's only city shelter, deeply rooted in our community’s fabric. By supporting and adopting from BARC, you are championing a cause that directly impacts our streets, making Houston safer and more compassionate.

2. Every Pet Has A Tale (And Tail!)

Every animal at BARC has its own unique story. From the cuddly kitten rescued during a storm to the loyal dog waiting for a second chance at love, there's a narrative that resonates with the diverse and dynamic stories of Houstonians themselves.

3. Health Comes First

Ensuring that each pet is healthy and ready to join its new family is paramount at BARC. Comprehensive health checks, vaccinations, and preventive measures like spaying or neutering are all part of the package. Adopting from BARC means you're welcoming a pet that's been cared for with the utmost dedication.

4. Style Meets Compassion

We, Houston Style readers, have a flair for life and an eye for beauty. What could be more stylish than pairing your dynamic Houston lifestyle with a loving companion? It's a fashion statement of compassion, kindness, and responsibility.

5. A Commitment Beyond Adoption

BARC’s commitment doesn't end with adoption. Their passionate team remains a pillar of support, offering advice, resources, and guidance to ensure that every pet and owner duo thrives.

6. Let's Set A Trend!

Houston has always been a trendsetter, leading the way in arts, culture, and now, compassion. By choosing to adopt from BARC, you're not only giving an animal a loving home but also setting a trend for responsible and compassionate pet ownership.

Houston, Let's Make A Move!

In the heart of our bustling city lies an opportunity. An opportunity to make a difference, to add a chapter of love in our life's story, and to truly embody the spirit of Houston. If you've ever considered expanding your family with a furry member, now's the time to act.

Swing by BARC’s "Healthy Pets, Healthy Streets" program, meet the animals, feel their love, and witness the transformational power of adoption. Let’s elevate our city's style, one pet adoption at a time. After all, in Houston, we don’t just follow trends, we set them! Adopt, don't shop.

For more info, visit HoustonBarc.com