Fort Bend County Officials Advise Resident on Safety and Keeping Cool During Extreme Heat

Announces Cooling Centers and Summer Safety Tips

Style Magazine Newswire | 6/27/2023, 5:41 p.m.
Fort Bend County Judge KP George led a summer safety press conference earlier today to address the rising temperatures and …
Judge KP George

Fort Bend County Judge KP George led a summer safety press conference earlier today to address the rising temperatures and provide valuable resources and tips for the residents of Fort Bend County. County officials urged residents to take the necessary precautions to combat the heat during summer in anticipation of the heat index exceeding 100 ° F.

Joining Judge George with advisory and precaution information included Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan, Office of Emergency Management Manager Greg Babst, Fort Bend County Health and Human Services Director Dr. Gale-Lowe, Fort Bend County Health and Human Services – EMS Chief Wait, Fort Bend County Environmental Health Manager Michael Schaffer, Fort Bend County Animal Cruelty Officer Marcus Guajardo, Fort Bend County Fire Marshal Justin Jurek, Attack Poverty representative Jenny Jones, Fort Bend County Special Projects Manager Parks and Recreation Gwendolyn Climmons, and Fort Bend County Public Libraries Marketing & Communications Manager Sandy Johnson.

Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan urged parents, caregivers, and community members to prioritize child safety and never leave children alone in vehicles, regardless of the circumstances "The temperature inside a vehicle can rise rapidly, even with the windows cracked or on a mild day," warned Sheriff Fagan.

In light of the potential dangers linked to high temperatures, the county has taken proactive measures by setting up cooling centers. These centers aim to offer relief and a safe haven for vulnerable individuals, including the elderly, young children, and those who lack access to suitable cooling amenities.

Fort Bend County Libraries will serve as cooling centers during their hours of operation which can be found on the library’s website at or call 281-633-4734. Free transportation to Fort Bend County libraries is available by calling Fort Bend Transit at 281-633-7433. Additionally, Fort Bend Parks and Recreation has two facilities being used as cooling centers during regular operating hours, including on Sundays from 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. They are Landmark Community Center, 100 Louisiana St., Missouri City, TX 77489, and Four Corners Recreation Center, 15700 Old Richmond Rd, Sugar Land, TX 77498.

Community partner Attack Poverty has set up cooling centers at both their North Rosenberg location at 1908 Avenue E, Rosenberg, TX 77471, and North Richmond location at 1305 Clay St, Richmond, TX 77469. Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. More information is available on the Fort Bend County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management website at

Additional information was shared about recognizing the signs of heat exhaustion, the importance of staying hydrated, wearing lightweight and breathable clothing, and taking frequent breaks in shaded or air-conditioned areas. Emphasis was placed on vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and young children, who may be more susceptible to heat-related illnesses. Health and Human Services Director Dr. Gale Lowe addressed the impact of prolonged heat on individuals' health and well-being. She reminded residents to be aware of their health limitations during this period of intense heat, as it can increase sensitivity and pose health risks.

Swim and water safety were also key topics discussed during the press conference. With the summer season being a popular time for water activities, county officials stressed the importance of adhering to safety guidelines while enjoying the water. Residents were reminded to supervise children around water, reminding residents to be cautious and swim with a buddy in open bodies of water.

Fort Bend County Animal Cruelty Officer Marcus Guajardo advises residents to be vigilant and prioritize the well-being of their animal companions by providing ample shade and fresh water, avoiding hot pavement, asphalt, and sand that can become scorching hot during summer days, never leaving pets unattended in vehicles, adjust exercise and outdoor activities, and watch for signs of heat distress.

Lastly, Fort Bend County Fire Marshal Justin Jurek strongly urged residents to consider attending professional and licensed fireworks shows rather than attempting to handle fireworks themselves. Additionally, Jurek emphasized the importance of soaking used fireworks in water for a minimum of 12 hours before disposing of them in a trash can.

Fort Bend County Judge George expressed the importance of county departments working together for the safety of residents.

“I want to extend our gratitude to the dedicated professionals who have been working tirelessly to ensure the well-being of our community,” stated Judge KP George. “I want our residents to know that we are committed to their safety and well-being.”