Ferrel Bonner's Candidacy: A New Chapter for Fort Bend ISD's Board

Burt Levine | 4/3/2024, 12:45 p.m.
As an embodiment of dedication and community service, Ferrel Bonner has embarked on a new journey. With a rich background …
Ferrel Bonner

As an embodiment of dedication and community service, Ferrel Bonner has embarked on a new journey. With a rich background as a Houston ISD alumnus from Sterling High School and an honored veteran from the US Army Airborne, Bonner is now setting his sights on the Fort Bend ISD School Board, Position 6. His campaign, which commenced for the upcoming May 4, Fort Bend ISD School Board Election, is built on a foundation of over two decades of familial and business ties to the area, coupled with his direct experiences as a parent, grandparent, and taxpayer within the Fort Bend County.

Bonner's decision to run for the unpaid, non-partisan board position reflects his profound understanding of the unique challenges faced by families across Fort Bend. He emphasizes progress, unity, and inclusive representation in a district that boasts a diverse student body. The district, hosting over 80,000 students, showcases a tapestry of cultures, including 29.2 percent African American, 26.4 percent Hispanic, 22.9 percent Asian, and 19 percent Caucasian demographics. Bonner's election would mark a historic moment, as he could become the first black male trustee in nearly two decades.

Bonner passionately advocates for an educational governance free from partisan and racial bias, concentrating solely on delivering exceptional education to all students. His vision extends throughout the expansive district that spans notable regions such as Sugar Land and parts of Pearland, among others. His firsthand experiences, ranging from military service to local volunteerism, have armed him with a deep-seated knowledge of the community's educational infrastructure, including its budget, policies, and advocacy needs.

With an academic background anchored by degrees from Texas Southern University, Bonner is not only a proponent of education but a mentor who has guided many toward academic and military success. His campaign is a testament to his unwavering commitment to service, leadership, and the wellbeing of the Fort Bend community.

Fort Bend residents can participate in EARLY VOTING starting Saturday, April 20th, leading up to the pivotal election day on Tuesday, May 4, 2024. As the race gains momentum, Bonner stands as a beacon of hope and progress, striving to ensure that every voice in Fort Bend ISD is heard and valued.

For more info, visit https://twitter.com/ferrelbonner