Burt Levine

Political Writer


Burt Levine has been writing for Page Family Publications covering Houston area politics, personalities and public affairs for more than 20 years from both political parties’ perspectives and five area Texas Gulf Coast counties.

Levine was born outside Chicago, grew up outside Los Angeles and after earning his Journalism Public Relations BA from the University of Louisiana served during The First Gulf War in the US Navy with US Marine Corps Fighter Wings. He later served our state and country in public affairs with the Texas Army and Texas Air National Guard.

Levine fervently flies the Flag for Faith, Family, Free Market and Free Enterprise. His passion is public relations for government entities and businesses. He works with candidates, construction, commercial realty and public law firms.

Burt and his wife Sandra, a Registered Nurse, make their home in Houston where they are actively involved at their congregation, veterans groups, chambers of commerce and are most proud of their daughters Chelsea and Samantha.

Burt is Houston Style Magazine's political writer.

Recent Stories

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Houston's Super Tuesday Showdown: The Decisive Moment in Local and State Elections

As the crescendo of the election season approaches, Harris County voters are reminded that early voting for the highly anticipated Super Tuesday, happening on March 5, 2024, will conclude this Friday, March 1st. This pivotal day will determine the nominees for November's General Elections, shaping the future of federal, state, and local governance across Texas.

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Mayor Whitmire Instills Renewed Leadership in Houston Housing Authority

In a decisive move to combat financial irregularities and enhance the operational efficacy of the Houston Housing Authority (HHA), Mayor John Whitmire has appointed a new slate of esteemed Commissioners. This strategic change comes in the wake of HHA ceasing the issuance of housing vouchers due to budget overruns, a decision that notably affects veterans, the disabled, and the homeless.

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A Dynamic Tapestry of Democracy in Action with "Harris County Votes: A Prelude to Progress"

As the dawn of February 20th unfurled its light over Harris County, the pulse of early voting began to beat with a vigor reflective of the community's commitment to shaping its future. A resounding 13,626 civic voices rang out across 79 polling stations, undeterred by the rescheduling necessitated by President’s Day – a testament to the steadfast dedication of the citizens.

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Houston Style Magazine Presents: Super Tuesday – A Call to the Polls! Houston, the Stage is Set for Early Voting on Super Tuesday

The heart of democracy beats stronger this Tuesday, February 20, as Early Voting commences in Texas and 14 other proud states across our nation. This pivotal moment in our presidential election process is not just about delegate counts; it's a vibrant showcase of local democracy in action, with numerous crucial nominations at stake.

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Monica Riley's Re-Election Campaign Launch: A Celebration of Unity and Progress in Missouri City

On a vibrant evening of February 3rd, Missouri City Council Member Monica Riley embarked on her journey towards re-election, surrounded by an eclectic mix of over 400 supporters spanning a wide age range and representing a rich tapestry of ethnicities and political affiliations. This diverse crowd, mirroring the unique composition of City Council District A, gathered to celebrate Riley's significant contributions and to rally behind her continued leadership.

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Jerry Rodriguez: A Local Voice for Positive Change in the Harris County Constable Precinct 5 Race

As early voting approaches on February 20th, anticipation builds for the Texas Democratic and GOP Primaries on Super Tuesday, March 5th. A vast array of positions from the President to local constables will be on the ballot, but one race, in particular, is drawing attention in Harris County: the Constable Pct. 5 race, where after 40 years of dedicated service, Ted Heap is stepping down, and Sergeant Jerry Rodriguez steps forward as a candidate.

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Houston's Own Jarvis Johnson Steps Forward in Senate District 15 Race

In political landscape of Houston is abuzz as State Representative Jarvis Johnson enters the fray for Senate District 15, a seat with a legacy of strong leadership. As candidates rally their supporters for the upcoming primaries, with early voting commencing on February 20th, Johnson emerges as a formidable contender with deep Houstonian roots.

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Unity in Faith: Houston Clergy Embodies Dr. King’s Vision with Interfaith Call to Action

In a poignant tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s enduring legacy, Senior Rabbi David Lyon of Houston's historic Congregation Beth Israel joined forces with Dr. Marcus D. Cosby, esteemed leader of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, in a ceremonial remembrance this Monday. Their union symbolizes a bridge across faiths, reaffirming Dr. King's vision in the very city where he once imparted his transformative message during the civil rights movement.

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Pearland Celebrates MLK Day with Vision for the Future

In a vibrant declaration, Pearland Mayor Kevin Cole has honored the spirit of MLK Day, symbolizing this annual observance as a beacon for new beginnings in Pearland’s dynamic community. The proclamation comes amidst Pearland's remarkable growth, heralding a new era of diversity and civic pride.

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Mayor John Whitmire Ushers in New Era of Leadership for Houston

Despite the brisk weather and rain showers, Houston greeted the New Year with optimism as Mayor John Whitmire delivered a heartfelt inaugural address. As the city’s 63rd Mayor and, at 75, the eldest in over seven decades, Whitmire's speech was a beacon of hope for the city's vibrant future.

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