Philadelphia to Enshrine Music Icon Frankie Beverly with Street Renaming Ceremony

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 4/15/2024, 11:48 a.m.
The rhythmic heartbeat of Philadelphia is poised to pay homage to one of its most illustrious sons, Frankie Beverly, in …
Frankie Beverly

The rhythmic heartbeat of Philadelphia is poised to pay homage to one of its most illustrious sons, Frankie Beverly, in a jubilant street renaming ceremony this May. This momentous occasion, spearheaded by Councilperson Cindy Bass and the Philadelphia City Council in collaboration with Maze Management, marks a fitting tribute to the indelible legacy of the legendary hitmaker.

Set against the backdrop of Beverly's musical odyssey, which commenced with the Butlers and later evolved into the iconic ensemble Frankie Beverly and Maze, this ceremony is a testament to the enduring impact of his soulful melodies. Slated to unfold in the East Germantown area of Philadelphia on North Norwood Street, between Church Lane and West Godfrey — the very neighborhood that nurtured Beverly's talent — the event promises to be a poignant celebration of his roots and resilience.

Adding to the fervor of this commemoration is the generous sponsorship of the Black Promoters Collective, a collective of six pioneering independent concert promotion and event production entities. Committed to showcasing culturally resonant live entertainment experiences, this 100% Black-owned enterprise underscores the significance of preserving and promoting Black cultural heritage.

Save the date: Saturday, May 18th, 2024, at 12 noon, as the streets of Philadelphia come alive with the spirit of Frankie Beverly's timeless classics. From the soul-stirring anthems like "Joy & Pain" and "We Are One" to the infectious rhythms of "Southern Girl" and the quintessential summertime anthem "Before I Let Go," Beverly's musical repertoire has left an indelible mark on generations.

As Frankie Beverly prepares to bid farewell to touring this summer, this ceremony stands as a poignant tribute to his unparalleled contributions to the world of music. Renowned Philadelphia media stalwarts Dyana Williams and Patty Jackson have been appointed as spokespersons for the occasion, lending their esteemed voices to honor Beverly's enduring impact.

Reflecting on Beverly's musical legacy, Dyana Williams remarks, "Frankie Beverly is a beacon of Black music, transcending borders and generations with his evocative lyrics and melodies. His music embodies the joys and pains of life, resonating deeply with audiences worldwide."

Patty Jackson echoes this sentiment, exclaiming, "To pay homage to Frankie Beverly is to honor the very essence of Philadelphia's musical heritage. His anthems, like 'Before I Let Go,' are woven into the fabric of our collective identity, serving as the soundtrack to our lives. As a radio personality on WDAS-FM, it's both a privilege and a joy to share his timeless music with our listeners."

In the heart of Philadelphia, a city steeped in musical tradition, the streets will soon echo with the resounding acclaim for one of its most cherished sons. Join us as we celebrate the unparalleled legacy of Frankie Beverly, a true icon of rhythm and soul.

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