AAMA Announces Leadership Transition and Educational Advancements, Dr. Adolfo Melara Assumes CEO Role

Lisa Valadez | 1/9/2024, 10:51 a.m.
AAMA, the Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans, reveals significant leadership changes and expansion into Houston's Northside.
AAMA Organization

AAMA – the Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans – has officially disclosed notable shifts in its senior leadership team, coinciding with the organization's expansion into Houston's Northside. The announcement also includes the establishment of a K-5 STEM Dual Language Academy within George I. Sanchez Charter Schools. Dr. Adolfo Melara has assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Daisy Morales, who steps down from her role as Interim CEO. Dr. Melara will concurrently retain his responsibilities as President and Superintendent of George I. Sanchez Charter Schools.

Dr. Adolfo Melara

Dr. Adolfo Melara

"Dr. Melara has made a significant impact on AAMA since joining our organization just over two years ago. The Board is extremely pleased with the hard work and efforts that have allowed for improvement in our schools and our many programs," stated AAMA Board Chair Telisa Shead. "Dr. Melara is an avid learner and will utilize his extensive knowledge to take AAMA to the next level. He is the right leader for our organization, and we are very excited about the future."

In his capacity as president and superintendent, Dr. Adolfo Melara has been instrumental in elevating the standard of education at AAMA's George I. Sanchez Charter Schools, highlighting his steadfast commitment to nurturing educational excellence and advancement. Over the past year, his leadership has led to the creation of a K-5 STEM/Dual Language Academy, complementing the continued success achieved at the middle and high school levels.

"I feel incredibly privileged and truly blessed to serve as AAMA's CEO, President, and Superintendent," remarked Dr. Melara. "AAMA represents the best in Houston, Laredo, and Texas. We proudly serve our communities through education, prevention, counseling, and career readiness services. As such, I will continue to give my all to ensure AAMA's continued improvement, growth, and success."

With Dr. Melara stepping into the CEO role, Daisy Morales concludes her tenure as interim CEO. Leveraging her extensive community ties and background in Community Affairs, Morales adeptly navigated AAMA through this transitional phase, paving the way for Dr. Melara's assumption of leadership. “I am forever grateful to Daisy for her mentorship, visionary leadership, and guidance,” stated Dr. Melara.

AAMA continues its steadfast commitment to annually serve around 10,000 individuals, which includes nearly 1,200 students enrolled in the two Sanchez charter schools. The organization's outreach encompasses individuals in recovery from substance use disorders or confronting communicable diseases such as HIV, along with those engaged in workforce development and career pathway programs.