Legacy Houston Latino Nonprofit Organization Announces Dr. Adolfo Melara as Chief Executive Officer

Style Magazine Newswire | 1/9/2024, 12:01 p.m.
Today, AAMA – the Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans – announced significant senior leadership changes while celebrating its …
Dr. Adolfo Melara, new Chief Executive Officer of Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans

Today, AAMA – the Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans – announced significant senior leadership changes while celebrating its expansion to Houston's Northside and the addition of a K-5 STEM Dual Language Academy to George I. Sanchez Charter Schools. Dr. Adolfo Melara steps in as the new Chief Executive Officer, while Daisy Morales steps down from her role as Interim CEO. In addition to assuming the role of CEO, Dr. Melara will continue as President and Superintendent of George I. Sanchez Charter Schools.

"Dr. Melara has made a significant impact on AAMA since joining our organization just over two years ago. The Board is extremely pleased with the hard work and efforts that have allowed for improvement in our schools and our many programs," stated AAMA Board Chair Telisa Shead. "Dr. Melara is an avid learner and will utilize his extensive knowledge to take AAMA to the next level. He is the right leader for our organization, and we are very excited about the future."

Dr. Adolfo Melara, as president and superintendent, played a pivotal role in advancing education at AAMA's George I. Sanchez Charter Schools, underscoring his unwavering dedication to fostering educational excellence and progress. His leadership over the past year has resulted in the establishment of a K-5 STEM/Dual Language Academy, complementing the ongoing achievements in the middle and high school levels.

"I feel incredibly privileged and truly blessed to serve as AAMA's CEO, President, and Superintendent," remarked Dr. Melara. "AAMA represents the best in Houston, Laredo, and Texas. We proudly serve our communities through education, prevention, counseling, and career readiness services. As such, I will continue to give my all to ensure AAMA's continued improvement, growth, and success."

With Dr. Melara stepping into the CEO role, Daisy Morales concludes her tenure as interim CEO. Leveraging her extensive community ties and background in Community Affairs, Morales adeptly navigated AAMA through this transitional phase, paving the way for Dr. Melara's assumption of leadership. “I am forever grateful to Daisy for her mentorship, visionary leadership, and guidance,” stated Dr. Melara.

"It has truly been an honor and a pleasure to serve alongside Dr. Melara at AAMA," Morales expressed. "Throughout this past year, AAMA has witnessed extraordinary growth, marked by our expansion to the northside and the sustained success of our ongoing programs. With Dr. Melara at the helm, the organization is poised not only to flourish but also to embark on a trajectory of continued growth and success in the years ahead."

Daisy Morales, renowned for her involvement with multiple nonprofit organizations, agreed to take on the interim CEO position during her transition from a full-time career, emphasizing her commitment to community development.

“The Board would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Daisy Morales,” noted Shead. “She has been instrumental in leading AAMA through change and expansion and has used her impeccable reputation as a community leader to introduce Dr. Melara to the Houston community. She is the definition of a servant leader - rolling up her sleeves to work alongside everyone within the organization for the betterment of our community. She has been instrumental in assessing the future needs of AAMA, its employees and our families and has implemented a strategy to achieve our goals. We will be forever grateful to her.”

AAMA remains committed to serving approximately 10,000 individuals annually, including nearly 1,200 students across two Sanchez charter schools. Their outreach extends to individuals recovering from substance use disorders or facing communicable diseases like HIV, as well as those participating in workforce development and career pathway programs.