Donna's Recipe: Revolutionizing Haircare with Tabitha Brown's Vegan Touch

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 6/19/2024, 4:46 p.m.
Pressed and straightened, blow-dried and curled, tangled and twisted, braided and stressed—our hair has a personality of its own. For …
Tabitha Brown with Donna's Recipe product line

Pressed and straightened, blow-dried and curled, tangled and twisted, braided and stressed—our hair has a personality of its own. For actress, author, social media personality, and entrepreneur Tabitha Brown, her hair, affectionately named Donna, embodies a bold and beautiful crown. Maintaining Donna's unique personality requires a special kind of care, which is why Tabitha created Donna's Recipe, a vegan haircare line that stands out in the beauty industry.

photo  Founders of Donna's Recipe Gina Woods and Tabitha Brown


The Birth of Donna's Recipe

Tabitha Brown's rise to fame is paralleled by the growth and vibrancy of her hair. Donna's personality shines through as a testament to the quality and care of Tabitha's own haircare line. The journey began in Tabitha's kitchen, spurred by a personal hair crisis—a bald spot at the back of her head. Like many, she turned to the internet for solutions but found nothing satisfactory. This challenge sparked a collaboration with business partner Gina Woods, leading to the creation of Donna's Recipe, tailored specifically for Donna and every hair type with a personality.

Donna's Recipe stands out for its commitment to vegan ingredients. Each one is meticulously selected to avoid harmful chemicals, making the products safe and gentle for all hair types. The vegan haircare line is designed to cater to the diverse needs of natural hair and includes everything from shampoos and conditioners to growth oils and styling creams, each designed to bring out the best in your hair while promoting health and growth.

The Power of Natural Ingredients

Whether your hair is curly, coily, or wavy, Donna’s Recipe promises to enhance its natural beauty with its line of products containing clean, vegan ingredients:

Sweet Potato: Grows and thickens the hair shaft.

Cinnamon : Removes build-up from the scalp for healthy follicles.

Vanilla: Stimulates blood circulation to grow hair.

Aloe Vera: Promotes cell growth and shiny hair.

Vitamin E: Hydrates, brightens, and smooths hair.

Shea Butter: Moisturizes and conditions hair.


 Donna's Recipe product line

Personal Experience with Donna's Recipe

I had the opportunity to try Donna’s Recipe on Zondria, my nickname for my hair. Zondria constantly gets tangled, eats up oil, and hardly ever acts right. Donna’s Recipe knocked two of my problems out with the first usage. Opening the box was a wonderful experience as I was entranced by the pleasant smell of the products before I even opened them. I couldn’t wait to lather up and put them on Zondria. Anything with an aroma like that must be good for the hair. With Donna’s Recipe, a little really goes a long way. I poured a sizable amount of the conditioner on my hair and was in a state of zen. After conditioning and drying my hair a little, I applied my favorite product, the strength hair oil. My hair had not been hydrated in a while, so it absorbed the oil beautifully. I swore my hair was glistening. Zondria looked vibrant, strong, and healthy even before styling. I felt that with prolonged usage, my hair would grow and be healthy.

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