Researchers Publish Findings on Study of How Living Conditions Affect Black Kidney Patients

A team of five researchers published a new study in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases(AJKD) that suggests kidney health for black patients may depend on where they live.

McDonald’s Debuting New Menu Items as Fast-Food Breakfast Battle Heats Up

McDonald's is taking a page out of Dunkin's playbook to drum up excitement about breakfast

3 Steps to a Healthier You

Starting a diet or diving headfirst into a workout plan may be the first steps to enhancing your personal health, but once you’ve started down the path to better fitness and nutrition, it’s important to find ways to stay on ...

The Truth About Dietary Supplements

Turn on the TV and flip channels for a while or go on social media. Eventually, you’re going to come across some “breaking news” about a new formula or supplement “clinically proven” to normalize your blood sugar and reverse diabetes. ...

Houston Health Department Recommends Flu Shot as Influenza Activity Expected to Increase

As local flu activity increases, the Houston Health Department (HHD) encourages people to get a flu shot if they haven’t gotten one this flu season.

Clinical trial at Johns Hopkins shows promise for kids diagnosed with certain type of tumor

Seventeen-year-old Kaitlyn Dorman and her mom Mary take a trip down Memory Lane while going through a box of mementos from a tougher time in Kaitlyn's life.

Burgers and Brew: The Perfect Pair at Hopdoddy

How do you take the everyday burger and make it better? Start with fresh ingredients, homemade buns, farm-raised beef, and a creative mind to think of something different. And there you have Hopdoddy, an Austin based burger bar that is ...

5 Tips for Staying on Track in the New Year

While many people often wish maintaining good health was as easy as following an equation, health doesn’t have a start or end date. Once the allure of the new year wears off, it can be easy to let those resolutions ...

Overcoming Barriers to Disease Treatment

A diagnosis of a chronic condition such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, cancer, or diabetes can bring a swirl of thoughts and emotions. There may be relief at finding an explanation for bothersome symptoms, but that relief is often quickly ...

The Original Frenchy’s Prepares for Big Move for Church Expansion

For 49 years, chicken lovers have known that the best chicken in town was on the corner of Scott and Wheeler at Frenchy’s. The Creole spices filled the air drawing customers in for miles just to get a 5-wing special, ...

3 Popular Eating Plans You’ll See in the New Year

If you’re thinking about revamping how you eat in the new year, you might want to think twice about the trendy dairy-free plans that crop up on your social media feed – as they could leave you missing out on ...

What Happens to Your Body When You Hold Your Pee

We get it. You’re busy. We’re busy, everybody’s busy. You have things to do, people to take care of and places to go. So sometimes we put ourselves last, including our bladders. But how healthy is it to hold your ...

Eater Writer Says H-E-B is 'Cultiest Cult Grocer in America'

There's plenty of regional grocery market chains that have a dedicated following: Wegmans, Giant Eagle, Publix, Aldi and, of course, H-E-B. But one Eater writer is arguing that the Texas-based chain is the "cultiest cult grocer in America."

Hawaii named healthiest state, Louisiana ranks last in new report

As the new year approaches, many people focus on improving their health -- but how does where you live rank when it comes to health?

1 in 4 globally will have a stroke at age 25 or older, according to new study

One in four people globally will have a stroke at age 25 or older, according to a new study published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.