Sri Lanka bomb suspect's sister fears 18 relatives dead after attacks

The sister of the suspected ringleader of Sri Lanka's deadly Easter Sunday bombings has told CNN up to 18 of her family members are missing and feared dead since the attacks and subsequent raids.

Ex-US North Korea envoy says Trump approved signing of Warmbier pledge

Joseph Yun, the former State Department Special Representative for North Korea, confirmed Monday that he signed an agreement to pay North Korea $2 million for the release of American student Otto Warmbier in 2017.

Why the Vladivostok summit is a coup for Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin can be forgiven for appearing slightly weary at the banquet he hosted Thursday for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un: The venue in the far eastern city of Vladivostok is seven time zones ahead of Moscow.

Israeli soldiers shoot blindfolded, handcuffed Palestinian as he tried to flee

Israeli soldiers shot a blindfolded, handcuffed Palestinian teenager who had been arrested on suspicion of taking part in disturbances as he tried to flee.

Trump's unfair crackdown on visa overstays

First, they came for the asylees and the refugees. Then they came for the children at the southern border. And now they are coming for the visa overstays. In a memorandum issued on April 22, President Donald Trump ordered the ...

He lost two children in the Sri Lanka bombings

Matt Linsey's face is peppered with minute scars from the shrapnel and debris that hit him, as he recalls the split-second decision he and his two children made to run, rather than hide, just after the first of two bombs ...

Iran, Venezuela, Libya: Inside the 'high wire act' facing oil markets

Washington's crackdown on Iran is just the latest global flashpoint rippling through increasingly tight oil markets.

Iran's Zarif slams US officials for seeking clash with Tehran, offers prisoner exchange

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said he believes members of the Trump administration and some US allies are seeking a confrontation with Iran.

Sri Lanka - We can't rest

Eight hundred people were either killed or injured by a terrorist group last weekend in Sri Lanka. A holy weekend and place of worship became a grisly, heinous massive murder scene.

Harry and Meghan will keep royal baby birth private

Britain's Duke and Duchess of Sussex will keep details surrounding the arrival of their first child private.

Uber is buying its Middle East rival Careem for $3.1 billion

Uber is buying the biggest ride-hailing app in the Middle East. In the biggest tech deal the region has ever seen, Uber is paying $3.1 billion for Careem with a mixture of cash and securities that will convert into Uber ...

Woman charged with Kim Jong Nam's killing freed in shock ruling

The Indonesian woman accused of using a deadly nerve agent to kill Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, returned home Monday after Malaysian prosecutors withdrew the charge against her.

UN staff and humanitarian workers among victims of Ethiopian Airlines crash

The ill-fated Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed shortly after takeoff on Sunday was packed with humanitarian workers and international experts, many of whom were bound for a major United Nations environmental summit in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Trump bets it all on friendship with Kim

President Donald Trump was looking to flatter his new friend in Singapore when he struck upon an unusual compliment.

ISIS has been reduced to 1.5 square miles in Syria. This is its final stand.

"They broke us, I swear to God. [ISIS] broke us," the tall man said. He was thin, in his mid-thirties, his face drawn with exhaustion, his eyes hollow. He had just walked with his extended family out of the town ...