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Bounce Back: Texans Look to Bounce Back From First Loss of the Season

Polly Campbell once wrote an article in Psychology Today about ways to bounce back after any setback. “Mistakes yield the opportunities and insights we need to ultimately succeed in life," said Campbell. No sentence is more accurate to describe what the Houston Texans must do after a tough loss (27-20) in their 2018 NFL season opener to the New England Patriots. Houston made a lot of mistakes in that game, but none that should hinder them from having success this season.

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Hoping Christmas Comes Early: Houston Faces New England in the Season Opener

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” I sing loudly as I write this article. Yes, I know those are lyrics to a Christmas song and we are in the month of September, but what better song is appropriate for what’s about to take place this weekend. Football is back!

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Healthy and Hungry: The Astros Get Their All-Stars Back In Time for Another Pennant Run

The Houston Astros have sent a warning to all the people who have doubted them the last couple of weeks. It is a message that is loud and clear, and any player will scream it from the top of Minute Maid Park if you let them. That message is, “We Are Back.”

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Houston Texans Take On the Los Angeles Rams in Week 3 of the Preseason

Nothing says football is almost back than friendly barbershop debates. “Watson will have a better career than Dak,” says one die hard Texans fan from across the room waiting on the next available barber. “Believe that if you want. The Cowboys are going to surprise people this year,” says another patron who is decked out in Dallas gear.

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Passion: Texans Hold Joint Practices As They Prepare for Their Second Preseason Game

I remember playing basketball in a league for an older gentleman. No, it was not a senior league for those who like to make fun of my age. As we are warming up, one of my teammates gets into it with a player from the other team. It got so heated that the teams had to be separated and my teammate was ejected before the game even started. That one gesture had us so fired up that we ended up blowing the other team out. His passion drove us to step our game up another level.

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Almost Home: Houston Texans Prepare to Leave West Virginia

Talk to anyone whose job requires them to travel at least 15-20 days out of the month and they will tell you that they start to get a tingling sensation by the end of the week because they know it is time to go home. Most will reiterate how great their bed feels or how they only get good food from their regular spots at home, even though all Chick-Fil-A’s are the same. Side note: So is their excellent customer service, but I digress. That’s how most of the Houston Texans players feel as they wrap up the first part of 2018 training camp in West Virginia. They will make a quick stop in Kansas City to take on the Chiefs in their first preseason game and then it’s back to Houston.

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Let’s Go Camping: Houston Texans Training Camp 2018

As I walked down the aisles of the grocery store this afternoon, I could see a difference in the normal attire of the customers. I had become accustomed to seeing people aka fans wearing Houston Astros World Championships shirts up and down aisles. But today my eyes had to do some adjusting to something I had not seen in a while. It had me dazed and confused for a second as the stream of orange and blue had more hues of red in it. As my eyes focus clearly I realized why there was now an abundance of Houston Texans jerseys being worn by fans throughout the store.

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America’s Team: Team Fighting Cancer Wins Inaugural Championship

Houston – Do you remember when you were younger playing a game of tag at school? And there were always those couple of kids you just didn’t run after because they were too fast to catch. That is what over 6,500 fans in attendance got a chance to witness at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston, Texas. The American Flag Football Championship was played in front of a crowd that included Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, Texans defensive back Tyrann Mathieu, former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, and a host of other current and former NFL players who perused up and down the sidelines during the game. Yes, they were all pretty fast to catch.

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A Tradition Like No Other

Five Astros Named to the 2018 MLB All-Star Game in D.C.

In college, there was a young man who would drive over an hour every Friday just to make it to his parents’ house for dinner. You could almost set your watch by it because he had the same routine. Get out of class, pack up his vehicle, and hit the road no later than 4 pm. So, one day I asked him why he leaves campus every Friday to go home? He looked at me and said, “Our family tradition is to have dinner as a family every Friday night no matter what. We have been doing it for years.”

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Cole Tames the Tigers: Houston Astros defeat the Detroit Tigers in convincing fashion

Houston -- Gerrit Cole (10-2) made a resounding return from the bereavement list going 5 2/3 innings and only allowing 1 earned run in the Astros victory over the Detroit Tigers (9-1). The 2018 AL All-Star struck out 8 batters to bring his franchise leading total to 177 before the All-Star break.

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