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Beyond the Rhetoric: Congressional Black Caucus – Time for a Game Plan

The new 116th Congress has more Black participation than ever before. There are 55 members of the Congressional Black Caucus. There are two Black elected officials who chose not to belong – Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and Congressman William Hurd of Texas. They see the Caucus as a Democratic association and they are Republicans. We wish they would reconsider. It is important that the Caucus is bi-partisan.

Beyond the Rhetoric: Black Federal Procurement Levels Have Yet to Bounce Back

As the George W. Bush Administration ended Black procurement was coming in at 8.0%. During the Obama Administration levels fell consistently. As President Trump entered the White House levels were at 1.8% and falling. Today, the levels have yet to turn around. For first half of Fiscal Year 2019 (October 1 – March 31, 2019) the average is 1.3%. Hopefully, we have now hit bottom and the subsequent reports will show an upward trending consistent with an improved economy.

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Beyond the Rhetoric: Homestead Act of 1862 – Closest Thing to Reparations, Part III (FINAL)

As we stated in the previous two parts, American descendants of the vicious American Holocaust known better as Slavery gathered immense portions of land. The great Booker T. Washington would encourage freed slaves to work the land that they owned and invest profits from it and build an economic infrastructure to help empower ourselves after slavery. It appears that too few listened to his advice or admonition. Most freed slaves and their descendants who received these precious acres of land by way of the Homestead Act of 1862 and through means of inheritance were destined to lose the land.

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Beyond the Rhetoric: Meet National Black Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta

The NBCC is dedicated to economically empowering and sustaining African American communities through entrepreneurship and capitalistic activity within the United States and the Black Diaspora. NBCC provides resources to support the development of startups and established minority & women owned businesses.

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Beyond the Rhetoric: Bernie Sanders – Mysterious and maybe Dangerous

Bernie Sanders just won’t go away. He stays in the political limelight no matter who wins the presidency or which party, Democrat or Republican controls Congress. He is a declared Independent, yet he caucuses with the Democrats.

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Beyond the Rhetoric: Providing Match Makers Throughout the Black Diaspora – Way Cool!

During the mid-1990’s we began sponsoring exploratory or fact-finding trips to nations in the Caribbean and West Africa. Then we expanded to East Africa and South America, i.e. Brazil. After getting comfortable and understanding the “Export/Import” challenges, we dared to start doing formal Trade Missions. During Thanksgiving week in the year 2000, we took 84 Black owned businesses to Rio de Janeiro for an aggressive Match Making event.

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Beyond the Rhetoric: Kamala Harris Announces Her 2020 Campaign

Kamala Harris is wasting no time with her political career. She was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2016 and has already set her immediate target – the presidency of the United States. On January 26, she formally announced her campaign. The setting was in Oakland, California where she was born in 1964.

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Beyond the Rhetoric: Blacks Need to Challenge the Shutdown

When America gets a “cold” Blacks will come down with “pneumonia”. That is why we are going to suffer from the current federal shutdown more than any other segment of the United States population. Yet, Blacks in general look at this calamity like it isn’t any of our business. Our people, we better wake-up i.e. SNAP OUT OF IT! While our elected officials on Capitol Hill are playing games like it is fun, millions of families – particularly Black families are heading to financial disaster. A disproportionate number of federal employees are Black. A major portion of Blacks doing government business is the sector doing federal contracting and subcontracting. They are in the way of this “Economic Freight Train”.

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Beyond the Rhetoric: We did not Die, We Multiplied

It is without question. Blacks, as a race of people, are the most resilient human beings walking on God’s earth. Starting in the 1500’s, Europeans began the greatest holocaust known to history. The enslavement of Africans would last for over 350 years. A good portion of the captives died within weeks during the passage across the Atlantic Ocean.

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Beyond the Rhetoric: Trump’s Africa Power Initiative – Part 3 (final)

China has strong ambitions regarding the continent of Africa. It wants it as a type of “Bread Basket” to provide food for its 1 billion+ citizens. They are stealing the precious minerals that God has blessed our Motherland with. The aggression seems to be growing exponentially. Recently, China established a naval base and an army outpost in the eastern nation of Djibouti. These are strategically located at the mouth of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

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