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Trump Does the Right Thing with North Korea Move

Donald Trump is taking a lot of heat for his snap decision to talk face to face with Kim Jong-un of North Korea. His aides caution that the meeting may never take place, that concrete conditions must be met for it to happen.

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Assault On Right to Vote Comes From Home-grown Reactionaries

This past weekend, we once again gathered in Selma, Ala., to commemorate "Bloody Sunday," the March 7, 1965, march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge that was savagely put down by police.

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The Janus Case and The Continuing Attack On Workers

On Monday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Janus v. AFSCME; a ruling is expected in a few months. The case is the culmination of a concerted right-wing attack on the unions of teachers, police officers, firefighters, nurses and other public sector workers.

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Those Who Do Nothing On Gun Control Fail Our Children

The United States is failing in what surely is the first duty of government -- protecting our children from threats that they cannot deal with themselves. Voters and politicians are failing our children.

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Amid Spirit of Games, U.S. Plays Hardball

The picture of Vice President Mike Pence standing stiffly next to the trusted younger sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un at the Olympics in South Korea told a thousand words.

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The Growing Racial Wage Gap

President Donald Trump keeps boasting about the low black unemployment rate, although African-Americans still suffer nearly twice the unemployment rate as whites do.

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Trump’s State of the Stink Address

As he delivers his first State of the Union address tonight, President Donald Trump is looking for approval. He'll brag on the economy, with a likely focus on his Twitter claim that "because of my policies," black unemployment is at its "lowest rate ever recorded."

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Shutdown Allowed Trump to Play Poisonous Political Game

Donald Trump had the government shutdown that he wanted. No one should be confused about this.

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Trump Doesn't Understand What Makes America Truly Great

"I am not a racist," Donald Trump found it necessary to reassure Americans. It was a revealing echo of when Richard Nixon told us, "I'm not a crook."

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Sessions Stands for Outmoded, Unjust Law-and-Order Policies

Attorney General Jeff Sessions gets it wrong. On core issue after core issue -- civil rights, voting rights, women's rights, police reform and particularly mass incarceration -- he is a destructive force.

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