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Wall Street's Addiction to Crime

Last week, as Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) convened a House Financial Services Committee hearing, featuring the CEOs of Wall Street's biggest banks, the financial watchdog group released a stunning report on their criminal records: Wall Street's Six Biggest Bailed-Out Banks: Their RAP Sheets and Their Ongoing Crime Spree.

Trump's Border Threats Create Chaos

Donald Trump's flailings on immigration and the Mexican border continue to spiral into chaos. First, he threatened to close the border with Mexico. One week later, he walked that back. He declares a national emergency about the "invasion" of people seeking asylum from Central American countries, and then says he's stopped all aid to those countries, which can only worsen the conditions that cause people to leave.

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Donald Trump's Big Lie About Health Care

Donald Trump's madcap presidency is now seeking to strip 20 million Americans of their health care coverage. He has instructed the Justice Department to join the lawsuit seeking to declare the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.

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Now Is the Time for Citizens of Conscience to Act

Racism is not natural. Babies -- black, brown, white -- explore the world and each other with wonder, not hate. Racism has to be taught. It is learned behavior. To assume that a person is inherently superior or inferior to another based upon race is unnatural and ungodly. Racism is used for political manipulation and economic exploitation. In a land founded on the belief that all men are created equal, slavery could not be justified without a racism that depicted slaves as sub-human.

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A Return to Diplomacy in Venezuela Needed

The United States is pushing for an overthrow of the government of Venezuela. The Trump administration has denounced Nicolas Maduro as a "dictator," dismissing the 2018 election, which the opposition boycotted. Instead of a good neighbor policy or a policy of nonintervention, the Trump administration has set out intentionally to overthrow the regime.

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Selma, the Birthplace of Modern Democracy in America

This weekend, political leaders from across the country gathered in Selma, Alabama, to commemorate "Bloody Sunday," the 1965 march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge where peaceful demonstrators, attempting to cross the bridge, were violently driven back by Alabama State Troopers, Dallas County Sheriff's deputies and a horse-mounted posse wielding billy clubs and water hoses to savage the crowd. The horrors played on TV sets across the country generated a national outrage that provided the final impetus for passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

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Our Democracy Depends On a Free and Fair Vote

In North Carolina, the State Board of Elections has thrown out the election results in its 9th congressional district for fraudulent activity -- probably the first time in U.S. history this has happened. The fraud was committed by a campaign, not by voters, and by a Republican, not a Democrat. For years, Republicans have campaigned for voting restrictions claiming, as Donald Trump has repeatedly, that voter fraud is widespread. In fact, it's not ineligible voters distorted election results, but rather the fraudulent efforts of an embattled Republican Party to rig the rules that has led to election irregularities.

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Trump's Fake National Emergency

President Trump's decision to declare a national emergency in order to fund his border wall triggers a crisis for our Constitution and our democracy.

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Ocasio-Cortez Under Fire -- Because She's Right

The big guns are out for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the charismatic first term legislator from New York.

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Gov. Northam Would Be Wise to Step Down

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has admitted that he blackened his face as part of a Michael Jackson costume for a dance party. He also initially admitted that he was one of the participants in a racist photo -- of one person dressed in full Klan regalia and another in blackface --that appeared on his 1984 yearbook page.

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