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Rahm Emanuel's Education Plan Falls Short

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel sincerely wants to do something to improve Chicago schools. I have no doubt of that. Unfortunately, his proposal -- called "Learn. Plan. Succeed." -- falls short of the mark.

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Decision to Bomb Syria is Dangerous, Deceptive

Fifty-nine cruise missiles. When Donald Trump ordered the attack on Syria, he made an impetuous decision, turning his previous commitment to stay out of the Syrian civil war and focus on ISIS on its head. He ordered the attack on a sovereign nation without seeking sanction from the United Nations or the U.S. Congress. For this, he received lavish praise from the media and bipartisan congressional support. He'll undoubtedly enjoy a boost in the polls.

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In Troubled Times, Some Struggle for A Better Nation

On April 4, the 49th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, thousands will join Fight for $15 and the Movement for Black Lives to march in Memphis and in cities across the country in the fight for decent pay and racial justice.

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After Trumpcare Debacle, President Must Reach Out to Democrats

The decision of House Republicans to torpedo the American Health Care Act (AHCA), their own leadership's plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), is a stunning defeat for President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

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March Massacre: Trump's Budget Plan Is Ruthless

ts often seem impenetrable, packed with a blizzard of numbers too big to comprehend. But budgets are value statements. They tell us what we value and what we discount. President Donald Trump's budget reveals who counts and who does not.

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The Trump Administration's Lies Are Starting to Hurt

For many of his supporters, Donald Trump's casual relationship with the truth was at first amusing, part of his brash, anti-establishment appeal. He says what he thinks, went the argument, and if it isn't true, so be it. His voters, we were told, have learned to take him seriously but not literally.

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A Tale of Two Cities: Selma and Shelby County

In "A Tale of Two Cities," Charles Dickens contrasted the plight of the poor in France with the lavish wealth of the aristocracy, the city of need with the city of greed. That harsh exploitation eventually erupted in the French Revolution, and the brutal revenge of the revolutionaries on their former oppressors.

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Sessions Opens the Door Again to Privatized Prisons

Next week, March 7, will mark the 52nd anniversary of Bloody Sunday, the historic march and shocking police riot in Selma, Ala., that helped build public support for passage of the Voting Rights Act.

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Tackling Poverty And Segregation, Not Tough Talk, Is The Solution To Chicago's Woes

Donald Trump is fixated on what he describes as the "carnage" going on in Chicago, suggesting that if Chicago's horrendous homicide rate doesn't come down, he'll "send in the feds." At his recent press conference, he announced plans to create "a task for reducing violent crime in America, including the horrendous situation -- take a look at Chicago and others -- taking place right now in our inner cities."

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Civil Rights Will Suffer Under Sessions

Donald Trump's first three weeks in office have left Americans reeling from what Republican speechwriter Peggy Noonan called his "cloud of crazy." His cabinet nominees seem intentionally perverse: an education secretary who has no clue about public schools; an energy secretary who wanted to eliminate the department; a treasury secretary from Goldman Sachs who ran a home foreclosure factory.

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