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Doctors challenging mifepristone face scrutiny over their limited experience with abortion drug

The blockbuster case at the Supreme Court that could make it harder for millions of Americans to access the abortion pill mifepristone has turned almost entirely on 11 anti-abortion doctors and advocates who say their work has been upended by patients experiencing complications from the drug.

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Supreme Court temporarily freezes implementation of Texas immigration law

The Supreme Court on Monday temporarily froze enforcement of Texas’ controversial immigration law that allows state law enforcement to arrest and detain people they suspect of entering the country illegally.

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Supreme Court keeps Trump on Colorado ballot, rejecting 14th Amendment push

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that former President Donald Trump should appear on the ballot in Colorado in a decision that follows months of debate over whether the frontrunner for the GOP nomination violated the “insurrectionist clause” included in the 14th Amendment.

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Supreme Court may announce at least one opinion Monday as US waits for word on Trump ballot case

The Supreme Court may hand down at least one opinion on Monday, according to a new post on the court’s website. The announcement is certain to drive speculation that the justices are prepared to decide whether former President Donald Trump is eligible to appear on Colorado’s presidential ballot.

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Supreme Court to decide Trump immunity claim, further delaying election subversion trial

The Supreme Court agreed Wednesday to decide whether Donald Trump may claim immunity in special counsel Jack Smith’s election subversion case, adding another explosive appeal from the former president to its docket and further delaying his federal trial.

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Supreme Court questions Florida and Texas social media laws on First Amendment grounds

The Supreme Court on Monday appeared to have deep concerns of state laws enacted in Florida and Texas that would prohibit social media platforms from throttling certain political viewpoints.

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Supreme Court signals skepticism over Biden ‘good neighbor’ smog plan

The Supreme Court’s conservatives expressed skepticism over the Biden administration’s efforts to reduce smog and air pollution wafting across state lines during arguments Wednesday in the most significant environmental dispute at the high court this year.

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