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Cannabis poisonings among older adults have tripled, study finds

One may think young people are the main group enjoying the freedom of legalized weed, but in Canada, the greatest increase in users after legalization was among older adults — and sometimes it’s sending them to the hospital, according to new research.

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3 desserts you should have on your table this Passover

If you’re looking for something to sweeten your dinner table this Passover, Jewish dietitian and chef Micah Siva has a few ideas for you.

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Will your work schedule harm your health later in life - study offers clues

The immediate cons of an erratic work schedule are clear-cut: You may be tired all the time or missing out on time with loved ones.

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A daily step count goal may counteract effects of sitting

Ten thousand steps per day have long been known as the magic number needed to lower risk of disease and early death. What researchers didn’t know was whether the amount could have the same effect even for people who are sedentary most of the day.

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How sleep can affect diabetes risk, according to new study

Getting only a few hours of sleep per day may do more harm than just causing a groggy day at the office — it may put you at higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes, a new study has found.

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Yogurts can now make limited claim that they lower type 2 diabetes risk, FDA says

In a decision nearly five years in the making, the US Food and Drug Administration has decided that yogurts can now make a limited claim that the food may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, the federal agency concluded Friday.

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Study finds having PCOS may affect brain health later in life

Polycystic ovary syndrome, known as PCOS, has long been known for symptoms such as missed periods or excess body hair. Now, new research has revealed another potential effect: cognitive dysfunction later in life.

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