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“Triple Threat” by Camryn King

You dig, and you dig, and you dig.

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“Aging Thoughtfully: Conversations about Retirement, Romance, Wrinkles, & Regret” by Martha C. Nussbaum & Saul Levmore

Kicking and screaming. That’s how you’ll go into your twilight years: the calendar might say one thing but you’re not going to pay it any mind. There’s still a lot of pep in your step so shouldn’t, as in the new book “Aging Thoughtfully” by Martha C. Nussbaum & Saul Levmore, how you spend your golden years be your decision?

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“A Bound Woman is a Dangerous Thing” by DaMaris B. Hill

Hands on the wheel. Hands on the hood, in the air, on the wall, on the ground. No sudden moves, no waving “hey” or scratching your nose, and don’t reach for a thing. Hands up – although, as you’ll read in “A Bound Woman is a Dangerous Thing” by DaMaris B. Hill, there are times when that doesn’t matter.

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“Stop That Yawn!” by Caron Levis, illustrated by LeUyen Pham

“I’m not tired!” That’s what you might say when it’s time for bed. You want to stay awake for awhile.

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“Blended” by Sharon M. Draper

One plus one is two. It’s simple: all you have to do is add or count, easy-peasy, a trick you probably learned shortly after you could talk. One plus one is two but as you grow up, you’ll notice that math can get funny and, in the case of the new book “Blended” by Sharon M. Draper, one plus one might suddenly become more.

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“On Point: Zayd Saleem, Chasing the Dream” by Hena Khan

In your lifetime, you’ve done many amazing things. You learned to walk. Imagine how hard that was, and you did it! You learned to make words and put them into sentences, which is no easy feat, either. You know how to get to school, do math, read, and play ball. But, as in the new book “On Point” by Hena Khan, could something be holding you back from greatness?

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“Don’t Touch My Hair!” by Sharee Miller

May I have that, please? That’s what you say when you want something, and people are impressed by your manners. You’re a kid who never just takes, you always ask first because you want the same kind of manners back. But in the new book “Don’t Touch My Hair!” by Sharee Miller, you might have to ask for them, too.

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“Remembrance” by Mary Monroe

For weeks, you’ve been scouring the stores. You have a lot to give. Most of it is wrapped up colorfully, beribboned and bowed. Some gifts are in bags with shiny trim, while others are tucked away in closets. You have a lot to give this holiday season, but in the new novel, “Remembrance” by Mary Monroe, when you give of yourself, you also get.

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