Community Highlight: Houston's New Emerging Faith Leaders of 2019

Keandra "Ke Ke" Scott Tatum | 1/18/2019, 4:40 p.m.
Pastor LaShanda Gary, Pastor Kareem Jackson, Apostle Eminent Tony Ervin, Pastor Andre AJ Jones and Pastor Marcus Whittaker are gearing …

"Having other like-minded leaders that are walking with you every day can be a great source of support and ideas." - Pastor LaShanda Gary

While you are planning vision board parties for the weekend and creating a new outlook on life, there are faith leaders hoping to create a space for you to pray over those endeavors and assist you on your journey each week. We had a wonderful opportunity to chat with not one, but five pastors in the Houston area. The energy on the phone was enlightening and divine. It's not often we get a chance to chime in on our pastors or it's not done enough, especially in this day and age. Often, especially referring to the African-American community, the church is at the center of it all. Whether you are young and old, Houston is bustling with leaders to assist you on your journey.

Check out Houston's new emerging faith leaders of 2019:

Spiritual Leader Kareem - The Preacher

When it comes to having a congregation filled with various ages, Pastor Kareem Jackson is communicating to those seeking "the Word" on Facebook, SnapChat, GroupChat and more. "I'm there to shepherd the flock, " he stated. Pastor Jackson Ministries is an evangelistic ministry with a vision to reach people and change lives. He mentioned, "Sometimes we have to go to the congregation in order to spread the word of salvation.”

Pastor Kareem Jackson Ministries

Pastor LaShanda - The Business of Ministry

Finding balance as a full-time faith leader and working in the secular world, Pastor LaShanda Gary says, "I live by a schedule and my family functions on a system.... In an effort to balance life and ministry, the scales may be tipped to the secular side instead of tipped to the spiritual side. It's a subtle shift that is usually made for practical reasons, but God is calling His people to trust that He will provide if only they remain faithful to staying about His work.

Apostle Eminent Tony Ervin - The Seer

Apostle Tony Ervin gave a message in a few words that shifted the energy into a special connection with all the pastors; it was relatable. From Louisiana, Tampa to Texas, Apostle Ervin grew his ministry by leading a small group in bible study and working with the youth. He has been seen worshiping in many ways and the spiritual manifestation in many continents. “When the church comes to fellowship, their experience of the message is based on a spiritual demonstration of what we preach.” He continued, “The congregation is hungry to know God's will. It can be very challenging to balance."

Pastor A.J.- The O.G. Pastor in a New Era

Technology is changing and the way we "church" is changing, wouldn't you agree? Pastor 'A.J.' Jones stated, I am a technology person but I have an older congregation He spoke about how his church is trying new ways in keeping and growing their roster. They are also focusing how texting seems to be a good way to communicate with the community and with all of its leaders. It's about "observing internally" and at the end of the day, "loving on each other,” and “celebrating each other." Those are the things that really matter the most.

Cullen MBC

Pastor Marcus - The Millennial Leader

Every house of praise and worship has a commitment. For Pastor Marcus Whittaker, he is seeking a specific group. "I'm after those who have been hurt by the church." He has designed a church to not look like what has hurt many. "The church is run by human-beings... sometimes I believe people are hurt by those who have irresponsible moments."

The Life Church