Houston Style Magazine Honors Mothers Who Serve the Community - Dee Moore

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 4/30/2021, 4:38 a.m.
Fat is one of the ugliest words in the English language for the negative connotation it carries as far as ...

Dee Moore

Mom of 3, Grandmother of 2

Founder of Fashionable and Thick

Dee Moore - credit  THE LENNZ BENNETT

Dee Moore - credit THE LENNZ BENNETT

Fat is one of the ugliest words in the English language for the negative connotation it carries as far as Dee Moore is concerned. For the majority of her life she has been a woman with curves. Like most plus size women, she has endured a lot of pain being the butt of jokes and focus of judgmental eyes. Moore got criticism from everywhere but what hurt most was criticism she received from men who were suppose to love her. The constant disrespect greatly damaged her self esteem until one day she had enough. No longer would Moore allow words to damage her self-worth. She would remove the power those words had over her and other women as well.

Moore is one that had to grow up very fast as a child. At the age of 16, she had her first child. She had to, as she says, “get it together real quick” as she raised her baby all on her own. Life became very tough for her early on. No longer could she work on herself because she had to put all of her energy in doing the best for her child. Living like this effected her personally lowering her self-esteem and made her a target to be bullied.

Moore decided to change the scope of her life with the establishment of the Fashionable and Thick Foundation (FAT). It is a nonprofit organization with the mission of building body confidence in plus size adults and teens. Focusing on how to overcome body obstacles Moore wanted to develop strong, body-positive advocacy for all. Plus size individuals gain confidence and love for themselves through FAT programming that includes a series of fashion shows, boot camps, empowerment photo shoots, and mentoring programs. Another wonderful aspect of the organization is that Moore is giving plus size fashion designers a platform to show their clothes and gain customers in the process with her own fashion showcase, “Glamour Glitz & Curves.”

When FAT first began it was t-shirt company that evolved into something. Moore has always loved fashion – wearing fashions, designing fashions, and helping others pick the best fashions for them. As FAT evolved, she did not want to lose her fashion ties so she started The Dorcas Collection. It seems it was divine intervention for Moore to be a fashion designer. Dorcas is her birth name on her father side that is found in the Holy Bible in Acts 9:36. Dorcas is described as a seamstress.

Building the confidence of plus size women encompasses Moore’s entire life. Not only does she have the nonprofit, clothing line but also fashion showcase, she has a book with the same purpose. Life Support for the Curvy Female is Moore’s self-help book to build self-esteem and self-confidence.

Giving the gift of self-confidence and self-love to someone can literally change a life to help them not to be afraid to go after everything they want out of life. Moore sure is. Changing the word “fat” from a negative to a positive word is a legacy that can change how we treat each other. Happy Mother’s Day to Dee Moore, a mother who is leaving a legacy for more than just her children to follow.