Dr. Percy L. Julian: The Chemist Who Changed the World

Dr. Percy L. Julian was more than just a scientist or a person you read about in Black history books. He was a visionary who wanted to literally change the world.

If You Like Waiting Four Hours for an Ambulance, Then You'll Love Single-Payer

"Hello, 9-1-1? I think I'm having a heart attack." "We'll send an ambulance right away. It'll be there in, uh, four hours." That's the reality for patients captive to the United Kingdom's government-run healthcare system. And it's what the progressives ...

A Salad a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Nearly a year ago, 28-year-old Santala Robinson was in the worst health of her life. She was very overweight and diagnosed with diabetes. In May 2017, she was hired as a culinary manager for Snappy Salads’ first Houston location. Being ...

Free McDonald's Breakfast for Students and Teachers During STAAR Testing on April 10

On Tuesday, April 10, from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., Houston area McDonald’s restaurants will provide free breakfast to students taking the STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) test and their teachers.

Life coach Tony Robbins issues apology after comments on #MeToo movement

Life coach Tony Robbins apologized Sunday for his comments about the #MeToo movement after suggesting during a March event that some women use it to gain significance by playing the victim.

Black Chef Charging White People More than Black People For Their Meals -- And His White Customers Don't Mind It!

A nice meal and a purposeful advocacy? Tunde Wey, a chef from Nigeria, has been offering both through his pop-up stalls that serve meals and aims to change people's racial perspectives.

Houston Research Team On Verge of Painless Lupus Testing

An estimated 1.5 million people in the U.S. have lupus. Determining if someone has the autoimmune disorder can be done with a blood test, and often a biopsy of the patient’s kidney is necessary, which is invasive and painful.

LL Cool J’s Wife, “I Couldn’t Believe This Was Happening to Me”

Rapper and actor LL Cool J has been in the entertainment business since 1984 with a string of hits, awards, movies, TV shows and more under his belt. Many people can recite some of his lyrics and lines, awards and ...

Help Fight Inflammation with Food

On top of being tasty, certain foods contain specific nutrients and natural compounds that may help fight inflammation, a condition linked to arthritis and gout. With that in mind, try heading to the fridge or pantry the next time you ...

Ah-choo! These meds linked with higher allergy risk in kids

Around the world, the prevalence of allergies and asthma has continued to rise for decades, and a new study suggests one possible factor that could help explain why.

Same Energy

When it’s someone you love; you’re a hypocrite: don’t worry, we all are. Have you ever been talking to someone and the conversation escalates to mutual friends? “Hey, you heard that Bob and Jill are getting a divorce, Bob cheated.” ...

Hop Into Easter Dinner

This Easter holiday, hop into a new tradition and swap your classic ham for savory lamb. Cooking lamb can be easier than many might think. Simply try baking a rack of lamb crusted with a quinoa-hazelnut combination and topped with ...

What Really Happens When You Donate a Kidney?

If someone you loved needed a kidney transplantation, would you donate one of your kidneys to them? How about a complete stranger, would you consider going under the knife to prolong a stranger’s life? Many of us say we’ll donate. ...

Like mother like daughter: UTHealth graduates feeling on top of the medical world

Anesthesiologist Vivian Porche, M.D., could be considered the Texas Medical Center’s very own Mary Poppins and now her daughter Bobbi is following in her high-flying footsteps.

New PSA Focuses on African Americans and Kidney Disease, Encourages Organ Donation

For many, spring marks a fresh start. Yet for others, as April – National Donate Life Month and National Minority Health Month – begins, it’s a reminder of the staggering reality and ratio that African Americans are at least three ...