Houston Health Department Encourages Alternatives to Traditional Trick-or-Treating and Halloween Gatherings During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Houston Health Department encourages people to forgo traditional trick-or-treating and Halloween gatherings this year in favor of safer alternatives. Going door-to-door and attending traditional Halloween events are high-risk activities for spreading COVID-19 during the pandemic.

Why Ice Cube's Political Logic Is So Dangerous

Ice Cube, the legendary Generation X rapper and hip hop icon, last week said he's open to working with the Trump administration on implementing his "Contract with Black America." That is a huge mistake which hurts the entire African American ...

Trump just handed Biden a devastating debate attack

Hours before Donald Trump was set to face off for the last time against Joe Biden on the debate stage, the President handed his challenger an attack on a silver platter.

Voter Suppression a Social Injustice and Civic Indignity

In this critical election, Americans are busting all records for early voting and voting by mail. Yet, over 700,000 Americans have the right to vote but many are denied that right not only in this election, but in every election. ...

Pandemic hasn't broken the employer health insurance system

Over 55 million Americans have filed for unemployment since COVID-19 struck. But for the most part, they haven't lost their health insurance. An astounding 98 percent of workers who had employer-sponsored health benefits before the pandemic are still enrolled in ...

Texas African American Leaders Endorse Democratic Judicial Candidates

Prominent African American leaders from Texas' two largest counties today announce their endorsement of Democrats running for statewide courts, and also emphasize the need to vote down ballot in regional and local court races. Democrats have fielded a full slate ...

NAACP Condemns Misrepresentation by Amy Coney Barrett on Racial Justice Ruling, Calls for Judiciary Committee to Pursue

Derrick Johnson, president and CEO of the NAACP, issued the following statement today on the misleading testimony of Judge Amy Coney Barrett before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding her nomination to the Supreme Court:

Voters wait on delayed mail-in ballots as Election Day nears

With less than two weeks to go before Election Day, many voters around the country have still not received their mail-in ballots.

Christie urges Americans to wear a mask and says they are not a 'partisan or cultural symbol'

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie wrote Wednesday that mask wearing is not a "partisan or cultural symbol," urging Americans to wear one to guard against the coronavirus.

Biden says if elected he will form bipartisan commission to recommend changes to Supreme Court

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said that if he is elected, he will form a bipartisan commission to recommend changes to the Supreme Court.

Second court rules against excluding undocumented immigrants from census count

A second federal court is blocking the Trump administration from removing undocumented immigrants from the 2020 census count use

Senate Judiciary Committee advances Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett despite Democratic boycott

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Thursday to advance the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, setting up a final vote for confirmation on Monday.

From Tough Loss To Tough Test

This past Sunday the Houston Texans had victory ripped right out of their hands as they lost to an AFC South divisional foe and undefeated team in the Tennessee Titans by a score of 42-36 in overtime in Nashville. Houston ...

Key House Democrat says the 'window is closing' on stimulus deal ahead of Pelosi deadline

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn said Tuesday that the "window is closing" on a potential deal for a stimulus package, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's deadline arrives for Democrats and the Trump administration to resolve policy differences if they want ...