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Bell released her website July 2013 with a piece on how Jay-Z (Music Mogul and Businessman) utilized social media. That piece was featured on Houston Style Magazine website and the rest is history.

TotallyRandie is Randomness Personified! As a lifestyle blog it’s defined as a Naturalista, Foodie, Sports Chick, Houstonian, Travel Junkie, Fashion Amateur, Art Geek, Fitness wannabe, and anything else you can think of. As a media personality, Bell host, curates, report, writes, and serve as an ambassador for a couple of products as well as various non-profits.

Bell is a feature writer and reporter for Houston Style Magazine.

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What’s Love Got to Do With Paris?

Have you ever been played? Have you ever had your heart broken? Think back to the first time that you found out Santa Clause wasn't real, or the first time your parents broke their promise to you.

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Beauty Mentors

Its seems like this world is more than adults can handle. Left and right there are so many issues to tackle. Killings, wars, fighting, food shortages are every where. Adults can't even adult anymore. If adults can barely handle this world, how much more can children? Kids are committing homicides and suicides at alarming rates. Depression is running rampant amongst our youth. This is why it is so important to have organizations like Beauty Mentors to assist our youth and bring them up as model citizens in the society that we now live.

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Laurenzo’s: Continuing the Tradition of Food and Family

Walking into the new location of Laurenzo’s Bar & Grill in Midtown and there is only one reaction to be had, “Wow!” It is something that is so unexpected but quickly becoming the norm with the revitalization of the area that is attracting a younger crowd and anyone who wants to have a great time.

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Burning Sands Has a Familiar Face In a Surprising New Role

The little sister from Everybody Hates Chris moved on to embody Olympic Medalist Gabby Douglas, and has now blossomed into a young woman starring in her first role as a love interest.

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You Don’t Have the Answers

In life, questions constantly swirl our minds. Some we can answer but let’s face it most questions we really can’t answer. Who do we turn to when we have more questions than answers? Some look to a higher authority like parents, mentors, trusted confidants, and those with expertise. What if all those people were all gathered in one place just for you to give you the answers for which you search? The annual Answer Conference is that event that brings those with the knowledge and experience to answer life’s burning questions.

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The Only Taylor Swift Show

Sadly we couldn’t obtain red carpet space for the Country turned Pop Princess, however, we were privileged to attend what might be THE ONLY Taylor Swift concert of 2017.

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And Nothing But The T.R.U.T.H. - Pre-Super Bowl Party

The lights at Hotel ZaZa weren’t the only things that were lit Friday night two days before Super Bowl LI! The Star-Studded Charity Event benefited the T.R.U.T.H. Project and AFCA (American Foundation for Children with Aids). While the Truth Project educates and mobilizes the LGBTQ communities of color through social arts that promotes mental, emotional, and sexual health; the AFCA provides support to infected and affected HIV+ children and their caregivers. Definitely a worthy cause to support, and boy did they support it.

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See the World On a Dime: Tips for Traveling On a Budget

I absolutely love to travel! It would be safe to say I suffer from wanderlust. It’s something about packing late, rushing to the airport, letting my seat back as soon as the plane takes off and sleeping thru most of the flight. International flights are even better!

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Allow Me to Reintroduce the Toyota RAV4!

Ask yourself, what do you really know about the Toyota RAV4? I’ll tell you what I know. According to industry rumors, the legendary famous hip-hop group TLC was given a RAV4 in the 90’s as pretty much the only payment for services. Additionally, Kanye West stated, “What you think I rap for? To push a RAV4?” Needless to say, everything I have known about the Toyota RAV4 pretty much was based from R&B music leading me to believe that the crossover SUV was an uncool vehicle to drive. So what happened when I got older? I never even thought twice about the Toyota RAV4. Until now!

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Celebrate National Cupcake Day

Today is December 15 and it is National Cupcake Day! There are 1234 (a play on the recipe) reasons why I love cupcakes. The individual servings of the miniature cakes were specifically made for foodies like me! Because I love a variety of flavors, why succumb to one cake, when I can have multiple in one batch. I thought I had tasted all varieties of cupcakes until I hosted the launch of a boutique cupcake company from Houston entitled: Forever Yours Creations LLC. Here are three reasons why you should celebrate #NationalCupcakeDay, and any other day that requires cupcakes, the Forever Yours Creations way!

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