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Giving Without Conditions: AAWCCO Celebrates 20 Years

Anne Frank was once noted as having said, “No one has ever become poor by giving.” Let it be known that petitioning for others is what causes the breakthrough. And in a world where we can candidly agree that a lot of negativity is being cultivated all around us there exist people who are fixated on creating an atmosphere and a complexion of hope and perseverance via scholarship and fundraising.

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The “Child Genius” That Could

Getting to know 9 year old phenomenon John Sumter

This scholastically capable, nationally noted, and well versed, breakout 9-year-old “Child Genius,” John Sumter, can be described as nothing much less than. He is, by all accounts, remarkably mature

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DeWayne Jackson Genuinely Has A Bike & A Dream

…And as I’ve sat back, literally watching his dream unfold, it both empowers and amazes me… a guy who’s literally over 15 years his senior. His government name is Dewayne Jackson, but I stick with ‘Wavy’, because there’s surely a wave of interest swirling around this 18-year-old high school graduate, both locally and afar.

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The Forces of Nature That Shaped THE WOMAN’S EARTH

The entrance to this 3rd Ward Confident Cottage is reminiscent of a plantation home; gated with a welcoming bow. It’s quiet, though adjacent from Houston’s bustling 288. Serenity blankets me, as I pass through the quiet entrance gate, and trot towards the bricked steps, which lead to the door.

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Bel-Ami: Where Passion Harmonizes with Purpose, Cultivating Soul’s Synergy…Just Listen

Jammin’, ‘(U DO) That Thing’, I head west on I-10, in pursuit of the city, Ben’s Beans, downtown, to be exact. WOW, I’m about to interview the seemingly, cool, calm, and collected, Bel-Ami; Alternative Soul’s Spokesperson. Through his music, I believe I can say confidently that this is an artist who utilizes every organism he possesses in an effort to genuinely connect and move his followers; it’s quality over quantity…something I’m sure of, and we haven’t even met, other than our meeting via his latest EP, ‘KNOW YOU’.

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When ‘Chasing 31’ Chases You

Newly published author Quiana McCray writes for her life…and it shows~

Chasing 31 (a play on words), which made its debut in late December of last year, is told through the eyes of Chase Michaels, this novel’s main character. Chase, a Dallas native, now living in our nation’s capital is driven, successful, secure, and beautiful. Chase is the person we all admire, stepping out on faith, quitting her lucrative job as a financial consultant in the fashion industry to start her own business…so what’s missing?

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Shrek the Musical: Filmed Broadway Performance (2013)

Lindsay-Abaire and Jason Moore definitely brought an unabridged yet whimsical approach to the typical Shrek series. The live broadway film seemed a little bit edgy in some areas, as references were jokingly made to depression medication, and other odd things which I didn’t feel like my 4 year old toddler would understand or care to hear.

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