Hill Harper’s New Mission: Increasing Health and Wellness with New Personal Care Line

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 7/21/2017, 7 a.m.
“We have to take our health extremely seriously. We have nothing if we don’t have our health,” advises actor, author, ...

“We have to take our health extremely seriously. We have nothing if we don’t have our health,” advises actor, author, philanthropist and entrepreneur Hill Harper. Like with most things, many Americans with good health take it for granted. It is not until a health warning or scare happens that we are jolted with the awareness that I must do better to take care of me. Harper got a shot of that awareness in 2010 when he was diagnosis with thyroid cancer. Yes, the big C. It was a blow to Harper but not one that he was unfamiliar with since his father, grandfather and uncle all died of some form of cancer and Harper didn’t want to be the fourth. He took the necessary treatment actions and doctor’s advice and now his cancer journey is behind him but not far from his memory. It has awakened him to not take his own health for granted but also to empower others to follow his lead with a new movement that promotes awareness and access to health and wellness. He is inviting people to “Be The Architect of Your Life.”

Harper’s cancer bout was really a blessing in that it opened his eyes to a scam that has gone in America that many are unaware. It’s the scam of the skincare industry that is poisoning and robbing people all at the same time. Go to your bathroom and look at the label on your skincare products. There are a lot of chemical words that contain formaldehyde, phenacetin, benzene, mineral oils, propylene glycol, ethylene oxide, arsenic, chromium and more that you may not have an idea of what they are or do. They are carcinogens aka cancer-causing chemicals. Before you say my products don’t have that, wait, because carcinogens are in most skincare products and it is not against the law.

Harper got an extensive education on carcinogens and more as it relates to cancer while serving on President Barack Obama’s Cancer Panel. In case you don’t recall, President Obama and Harper’s friendship goes way back to their law school days at Harvard. Harper is a heavy brother graduating magna cum laude from Brown University, cum laude with a Juris Doctorate degree from Harvard Law School and he holds a master's degree with honors from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. President Obama knew putting his friend on the cancer panel was not just a good choice, but also a smart one. It was while on this panel that Harper learned of the skincare industry’s scam game. Skincare companies are owned by drug manufactures that are poisoning people. This means that many are falling victim to the hype that certain skincare products will make them beautiful but instead are slowly poisoning them while the drug companies become even richer selling you their drugs that made you sick in the first place. It’s an ongoing problem that Harper could no longer ignore.

His first step at addressing this issue was arming himself with more education on the subject matter. The more knowledge he gained, the more he understood how good health correlated with healthy skin. A good example of that is taking a close look at the liver and its functionality. The liver, one of the body’s major organs, has the sole responsibility of digesting, absorbing and processing the food we eat. It is what Harper calls our cleansing source. Over time due to the foods we eat, the chemicals we put on our face, environment and some other unhealthy factors the liver can become inefficient. It becomes too weighed down with all the unhealthy stuff we ingest and absorb and eventually becomes a fatty liver. Extra fat on anything does the same thing, slows you down. And in the case of body function that slows down results in weight gained, high blood, heart disease, and other alignments and diseases. All that can be adjusted if we would simply take care better care of the temples that God gave us, our bodies.