Chauncy Glover Breathes New Life Into Young Men

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 6/22/2018, 4:46 a.m.
Grasping for breath while you are dying inside is hard to experience and watch. The action of inhaling and exhaling ...

Grasping for breath while you are dying inside is hard to experience and watch. The action of inhaling and exhaling of breath is life itself. And without the air needed for that vital action, your system shuts down and life ceases to exist. Young men across our nation are grasping at air to breathe, live, and survive but many are having their breath snuffed out them by various entities. They need help and a way to regain life.

Insert Chauncy Glover. Many known him as the award-winning thought-provoking journalist at ABC 13. Others know him as the always stylish profiling fashion-forward icon. Then there are some special young men that know him as a mentor, friend, and role model through the Chauncy Glover Project that is breathing new life into the hearts of troubled teens.

Detroit, Michigan, like most cities, has a history of violence especially with violence concerning black men. While preparing to cover a breaking news story of a coach at a local Detroit high school who shot to two teens trying to rob him, Glover found himself in the middle of the action when one of the teens could not be found.

“I get on the scene for breaking news, about to report and then I see something in the median and it’s moving. I go to see what it is and it’s the other kid. It’s the second suspect. And he has been shot. I started yelling the other kid is over here. And then I looked down and that kid, he was dead. And it kind of jilted me. I had never seen anything like,” described Glover as he watched that teen take his last breaths of life. “I just couldn’t get that kid out of my mind.”

Glover saw how endangered young men were and knew he couldn’t just stand by watching, waiting for another one to meet such a tragic fate. He had to do something. After speaking with the dead teen’s mother, Glover learned that the mother did her best, however, his father was not in the picture and fell in with the wrong crowd. Knowing this could be a key factor, Glover reflected on his own life, and how vital his own dad had been in his development. “My dad is one of my biggest mentors,” said Glover, who said his dad is his best friend.

Since he could no longer help the young man who passed, Glover decided to help the teen’s friends. With the help of the corporate staff, I was able to connect with the teens and began working to start their change. At the end of their junior the year, the young men’s lives are been forever changed by going from a life of crime and choices to one of education and opportunity. The seniors went on to college and all are on track to graduate next year.

Seeing the benefit of having a mentor in a young man’s life, Glover decided to keep going with the idea. Before he knew it, the Chauncy Glover Project had been born.