Boss Babes Who Pray Shuts Down Houston #Recap

Keandra "Ke Ke" Scott Tatum | 3/25/2022, noon
The 2022 “Boss Babes Who Pray” Conference (A two day event for Christian business women and executives; held in 3 …

The 2022 “Boss Babes Who Pray” Conference (A two day event for Christian business women and executives; held in 3 cities, two continents and two countries) kicked off March 15th 2022, in Houston, Texas. This year's conference included talks on numerous topics including faith in the marketplace, obedience, living yielded and business as a mission. The two day event ended with the premiere of the “Pray Babe” documentary and the release of the March Cover of SwagHer Magazine featuring cover icon and businesswoman Dr. Mya Smith Edmonds.

What started off as a bible study group for women, within 3 years, has turned into a platform designed to allow women to share their testimonies. From 3 Best Selling devotionals, to kicking off the 2nd tour, to now the premiere of Pray Babe; a film highlighting the power of prayer, from prominent women, across the globe. Attendees watched snippets of the full length documentary, Pray Babe: a documentary that takes viewers on a journey of the importance of prayer!

Beginning Saturday, a fiery fireside chat from Female Christian CEO Amanda M. Kidd, the recent recipient of Maryland's Senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin $1.4M direct federal funding. Which will finish the physical build out of the Four Eleven Kitchen project and purchase equipment necessary for a fully functioning commercial kitchen. The Four Eleven Kitchen, due to open late 2022, will be a shared-use commercial kitchen designed to empower, elevate and establish a thriving food entrepreneur community in Cambridge, MD and beyond through an impactful Foodpreneur Hub. This fireside chat, shifted the entire conference with her raw and transparent journey of obedience, faith and living yielded as CEO’s in the marketplace.

Followed by Sunday’s Fireside chat with The Dr. Mya Smith Edmonds who led an intimate fireside chat with TSU’s very own Joie Raspberry. The room moved with compassion as they learned the grit and grace that Smith Edmonds endured on her journey of becoming the first African American, Next Generation McDonald’s Owner Operator in Indiana to now owning 9 McDonald’s Franchise Restaurants, and the March cover of the “Fit & Favor” issue of SwagHer Magazine.

Ending the conference, Day Edwards, the Founder of “Boss Babes Who Pray” announced plans to open The House Of Redemption: A safe haven that will house training centers to equip trafficked women with skills that will allow them to tap into the $3.3 Billion dollar gig economy. The very first training center to open, in The House of Redemption, will be “The Dr. Mya Smith Edmonds Training Center”, notably named after Houston's Very Own Dr. Mya Smith Edmonds. The center is slated to open December 2022.

"I am truly honored & so GRATEFUL to have a training center named after me… in my honor. Being a global advocate for the betterment of women Globally has always been what motivates me to DO or BE the change I want to see. The average woman makes about $200/per month in Ghana. Many of these women and young girls are coerced into being trafficked; whether for sex or labor; believing that it’s their only option. I truly believe in the mission, team and heart behind The House of Redemption. I know that the training being provided, will change the lives of so many women in Ghana; giving them a second chance at earning a livable wage and confidence in themselves & their God given abilities & purpose." - Dr. Mya Smith Edmonds.

Honorees and co-authors of the year include: Jacqueline Caine, Amanda M. Kidd, Dr. Catrina, Dorothea Kelley, Joie Rasberry, Yolanda Ford, Vanessa Lampkin, Tyreen Maddox, Tracey M. Spencer, Tiffany Babin-Washington, Dr.Sonia R. White, Ryann Carter, Roshalle McNeal, Prophetess Dr. Lorelle Strong Rich, Alexis Harrold, Nitasia “Spirit” Dupree, Minister Lolita Justice-Watkins, LeTysha Montgomery, Kelon Neal, Kelamenter “Kelley” Smith, Grace Wright, Felicia Barnett, Faneshia Gordon, Mercy Pinder, Dr. Bridgette Jenkins, Lady Tiffany Nicole, Briänna McField, Charryse Johnson M. Ed, Teri Lynn Smith, Dr. Benita Ledet, Tammie M. Lilly, Charlotte R. Neal, Antrease Bozeman-Bender, Angel Jameson, Wynsome McLean, Kristen Fenrick.

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Photo Credit: BADS Photography Damon Edwards